Protect and Safeguard Your Business with the Right Security Guard Service

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If you want to keep your business property safe, you should not disregard the importance of security guard services. Businesses require security for various reasons. For one, they have valuable assets in the building, such as computers and merchandise. They also have sensitive data and information about clients and their businesses which need to be kept secure and safe. In this day and age, if this data gets lost or ends up in the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc for the business.

That is why if you should not think twice about hiring commercial security in Surrey. When you opt for this type of service, your business premises will enjoy in-person security, wherein the guards will be placed inside and outside your property to ensure optimal security. With security guards protecting your business property, you will have peace of mind knowing that the property, data, assets, and other information that are key to your company’s success will be secure at all times. Even your employees will be relaxed and productive as they will not worry about their safety when they are at work.

Enjoying Commercial Security

In case you are still skeptical about using security guard service in Richmond, here are some compelling reasons why you should have security guards protecting your company.

Patrolling: If your company is spread over a large area, the Vancouver security company that you hire will ensure guards patrol the area to keep intruders out. Invariably, these guards patrols inspect the perimeter to ensure that there is no unwanted intrusion and that, in turn, deters crime.

Protection: A reputed Vancouver security company will position visible guards to deter criminals. They inspect vehicles and people entering the property to ensure they are not carrying anything that can harm the company and its employees.

Besides security guards, you can also opt for concierge security services that are common in hotels, resorts, high-end apartment buildings, and private properties. Usually, both types of security services are offered by security companies in Canada, allowing you to select the service that suits the needs of your business. The flexible and versatile commercial security in Surrey and other areas ensures your business gets the protection and safety it deserves.

How to Protect Your Business from the Ill-effects of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the Coronavirus is taking a toll on commercial workplaces and their employees. The lengthy lockdown has taken a financial toll but now offices and businesses are beginning to resume work, trying to bring about some semblance of normality. However, the virus has no cure and as a result, workspaces are taking stringent measures to keep their employees safe and free from possible infection.

Handwashing and Sanitizing

WHO recommends regular handwashing and sanitization. Offices have set up hand sanitization stations that have alcohol-based sanitizers that employees, staff members, and visitors have to use before entering the premises. Also, offices have ensured that there are proper facilities for employees to wash their hands. They are reinforcing the need to wash hands to prevent the spread of the infection.

Coughing and Sneezing

Employees are also informed about the importance of covering their noses and mouths while sneezing and coughing so that it minimizes the chances of spreading the virus from an asymptomatic carrier to others.

Social Distancing

Most offices are either letting employees work remotely or maintain a minimum of six feet distance from their colleagues if they are working in the office premises. This social distancing is one of the recommended measures by the WHO.

Sanitizing Surfaces

All surfaces that are constantly touched by employees are being cleaned and disinfected by the housekeeping staff several times a day. This minimizes possible contamination and spread of the Coronavirus.

Stringent Security

Offices that utilize commercial security in Vancouver and other places have asked the security providers to ensure that the security personnel wear gloves, masks and use hand sanitizers to prevent contamination. Since security guards are the first point of contact when someone enters the workspace, it has become imperative to ensure that these guards take optimal preventive measures, including sanitizing desks, telephones, pens, pen stands, and other frequently touched surfaces.

Temperature Checks

Commercial security in Surrey and other neighboring cities are utilizing forehead scanners to check body temperature. If the temperature is elevated, it is a sign that the person is ill and could be infected. Such a person is prevented from entering the office premises. This onus of checking temperature rests on the security guards, who scan every person entering the premises.

While commercial workspaces have to take measures, they should also insist that their commercial security providers also ensure that their guards are educated and made aware of the importance of handwashing, sanitization, and wearing protective gear, like gloves, masks and face shields. Commercial and industrial security services in Vancouver and surrounding areas are the first line of defense in preventing the spread of Coronavirus at your workplace and hence, you should choose your security service provider carefully. That along with other tips mentioned above will protect your business from the havoc that COVID-19 can wreak.

The Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard Company

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Businesses have to contend with all types of risks. While they cannot prevent certain risks, there are others that they can take measures against. One measure that companies should not hesitate to take is hiring a security guard company. Security providers will not just protect and secure your property but also ensure your employees are safe. They will handle fire, robbery, and other security threats so that you have peace of mind.

Here are some benefits of hiring security guard services in Vancouver and the neighboring areas:

24/7 Security

When you collaborate with a security services provider, your business enjoys round the clock security. It does not matter what the operating hours of your business is, you can rest assured knowing that whether it is a working day or the weekend, there will always be security guards protecting your employees, property and other valuable assets.

End-to-End Security Solutions

A company providing commercial security in Surrey has the right tools and systems to ensure optimal protection. Besides video surveillance, armed guards, monitoring alarm systems, security services providers also respond to emergencies and provide video evidence if an incident occurs. The technologies that the providers use are constantly updated to meet the needs of modern businesses. Furthermore, the security personnel also have regular training sessions so that they are current and knowledgeable about modern security measures.

The Right Tools and Technologies

Security guard companies in Richmond and the surrounding areas focus solely on protecting property, people, and assets. Hence, they are not averse to using the latest security technologies to offer their clients comprehensive security solutions. Also, they have a stringent hiring process that involves background checks to ensure they choose the right personnel for the job. Guards are trained and equipped so that they can respond to any situation or emergency quickly and effectively; they may or may not have uniforms depending on the needs of your business.


As your business grows, so will its security needs. Most reputed and reliable security guard services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas will be able to meet your security and protection needs regardless of the size of the business. You can also depend on these companies to provide temporary security services for events and short-term security threats.

In Conclusion

When you hire the right security guard company, you can rest assured knowing that the company will handle emergencies and will know what to do in case of a threat. Security guards are trained to respond quickly and handle situations. They can even provide first aid and CPR should the need arise. So, if you are not outsourcing your security and protection needs, you are missing out on these and many more benefits.