What Protocols Do Residential Security Guards Follow?

Residential security has become a huge issue these days when the environment has become too insecure. In earlier times, people even used to keep the main door of their houses open 24/7 as no one would dare to enter anyone else`s house without permission.

But with time, the crime rate has faced a vast increase due to which people are now scared, and they try to keep their residence as secure as possible. After all, it is a sensible action to take to avoid any sort of mishap.

Many security services providing companies do provide one, two, or a couple of guards to the resident owners, depending upon their requirements.

While choosing the best company, you need to make sure that the residential security guards you are choosing should be aware of these protocols:

Properly Dressed in Uniform:

The security guard that you have hired to keep your residence secure, and give duty on its gate, should be well-dressed in his uniform so that people would know that he is the guard and will be aware of his presence.

This will convey the message to the surroundings that here is the guard of this house, and no one should even think of carrying out any misconduct. Sometimes, the thieves or robbers do calculate everything by visiting the house they have insight. They do check it from all sides and see how they can enter it.

If someone tries to rob your house, then when they will come to monitor it, on seeing a guard, or two, they will not dare to even think of making efforts to enter your house.

Guard`s uniform plays a vital role in scaring the robbers, or thieves as they never want to get into trouble. This is the main reason why most people prefer security guards services to secure their residence.

Aware of Close Relatives & Friends

The security guard that you hire to secure your residence should be very well aware of the relatives and friends who frequently visit you. They should have a list and a picture of everyone who would be allowed to enter the house without inquiry.

This will help them in maintaining the dignity of their job, and your house too. Your close ones would never like to be stopped and inquired when they come to meet you. This can spoil their mood, and they can get upset.

Hence, to avoid any sort of misunderstanding, the guards should be careful beforehand. They should also be well-informed if someone new is supposed to visit your house, and you are aware of it.

Keep up the Patrolling

When it comes to residential security, you need to secure the house from all four sides. Hence, it is preferred to bring at least 2 guards on duty, turn by turn or both at the same time.

If you prefer to turn by turn, then one guard can give duty in the morning while the other one can do the night shift. This will not exhaust the single person on duty all the time because definitely, the hired guard will require sleep too.

While if he sleeps on duty, then there is no purpose of keeping him on duty as the security becomes nil at this point.

On the other hand, if you choose to put both the guards on duty at a time, then this will help them both in securing the house in the best manner. One can do the patrolling the other one can rest but keep his eyes, and mind open, while when this one gets tired, the other one can get up, and do the patrolling.

At night, they both can give duty one by one. Patrolling is too important in any case because you need to secure the house from all sides.

Keep Strict Check on Security Cameras

For advance security, you need to place security cameras at all points of your house from where someone can break into your house. The security guard can monitor every camera, staying alert all the time.

Try to place hi-tech security cameras with clear visibility, and the security guard you hire should be competent enough to monitor all cameras at a time. There is not even a single chance of missing as this can lead to a big mess.

For better security, you can hire two guards at a time to provide the best security. One can keep the check on all cameras, while the other one can patrol the house, by staying physically active all the time.

Keep a Weapon

The guard that you hire to secure your residence should keep a weapon with him, a gun at least so that if anyone tries to attack him, he can secure himself, and the house too.

Even if he does not bring that weapon into use, the terror of the weapon would be enough to refrain the robbers from attacking. Also, the guard should keep the weapon hanging to his shoulder as it needs to be seen all the time, and he might have to use it on an urgent basis.

With Weapon, the guard needs to be more active as no one should be able to use his weapon to scare him or to use it against him. Hence, the presence of a weapon increases the responsibility for the guard.

Now you are very well aware of all major protocols the residential security guards should follow.

If you are looking for one or more competent security guards, then you should contact Potential Security Company that will never disappoint you and will always fall up to your expectations.  

What Are The Advantages of Hiring Our Mobile Patrol Security Service at Your Warehouse?

Running a warehouse has become a huge responsibility these days especially when it comes to the night hours. Security issues have become common, as people are addicted to the bad habit of stealing things from others, and the crime rate has increased over time.

In Warehouses, you have all your goods in bulk which increases the value of the place. Anyone can attack it, steal the goods, and earn a huge amount by selling them. So, your warehouse requires a lot of security.

To secure your warehouse, you do need to hire a well-competent mobile patrol security service, and Potential Security Company is that security service providing company that is well-known for its excellence, all around the globe.

There are certain advantages of hiring our mobile patrol security service at your warehouse:

Best Security

We will always provide you with the best security services. Our guards and officers are well-trained, and immune to challenges, and hardships. They are capable of resolving any issue on an urgent basis and are competent enough to fight any threat.

Hence, we provide the best security regardless of whether it is about residential security, commercial security, or securing your warehouse via mobile patrolling.

You can trust us, and take advantage of our potentials by opting for our services.

We Do What We Say

You will come across many security-providing companies which will talk a lot but when it will come to practical implementation, they will fail to deliver, and will also fail to justify their words.

But when it is about Potential Security, we will deliver whatever we say. You will never see us backing off. Many companies back off too. They try to give lame excuses for their incompetency but in our case, you will never face any such issue.

We Do Take Responsibility

Most of the security service providing companies take back at the last moment if anything goes wrong, and they refuse to take responsibility.

In our case, we never step back. When we offer you our services, it becomes our responsibility to secure your warehouse in the best possible manner. And if at any point, something goes wrong, we do take responsibility and fix the issue.

Once you give us the responsibility, you have overall your tensions to us. Now it is our responsibility, and your goods will be secured under our observation.

Usage of Hi-Tech Cameras

With the usage of competent mobile to provide you patrol security service for your warehouse, we do use hi-tech cameras which we install so that you will have proof of everything with clear visibility.

We leave no room for the blunder. It is our goal to provide you with the best possible services in every possible manner.

So, you can trust our technology, vehicles, and our guards/officers too. None of them will ever disappoint you as they are properly examined before bringing into use.

Proper Patrolling

While patrolling your warehouse, we will patrol every corner of it so that not even a single change of mishap would be left behind. We believe in the best services, and every officer belonging to our firm is taught to stay alert all the time when on duty.

All our staff is properly trained for patrolling, and after passing those training sessions, they are being sent to your service. So, you will not need to work on it.

You Can Sleep Sound

When we will be at your service, you can leave everything upon us, and sleep sound at your home. Now we will provide full-fledge security to your warehouse, and all your goods will be highly-secured in our observance.

We will monitor every room of the building with our hi-tech security cameras and will keep its footage for you so that once you visit us after rest, you can see it, and stay up to date regarding every activity happening behind.

Hence, in short, we do provide you with multiple services at a time. We are all-rounder, and well known all around the world for our competency.

Our Best Packages

We provide you most reasonable packages you can choose the best one amongst them for yourself.

Our every package is unique, and the best in its manner. You are always welcome to visit us and can avail of our service at any hour of the day. We are here to satisfy our customers by falling up to their expectations in the best possible way.

Now you know that how you can secure your warehouse by availing our mobile patrol security service to avoid any sort of misconduct. It is in your hands to make the best choice for yourself and your business.

It is not an easy decision to take, and we truly understand that hence, we do invite you to our office. You can visit us, or contact us via email, or call us anytime to get further information.

Always remember that Potential Security is the No.1 security service provider in the world, and people from all around the world come to us to avail of our services.

We do invite you to do your inquiry about us, conduct your research, and then choose our services.

Once you are done with your research, you will come to know that whatever advantages we have told you about availing our mobile patrol services for your warehouse, they are always delivered best, and our customers are true witnesses of it.

The Most Prevalent Challenges that Commercial Security Companies Face

2021 was a challenging year for the world to say the least. The world has been through devastating times because of COVID and lack of economical activity. Just like other businesses, the security industry has had its ups and downs.

There has been a break in everything, and so is in the case of the security industry. They have also gone through great loss, and now when things are coming back to normal, they need to prove themselves once again from scratch.

Even in normal days, no matter how competent, qualified, and well-reputed a commercial security company would be, it will have to face certain challenges during its services.

While they do overcome these challenges with their professional attitude, and aptitude to serve their clients exactly the way they want.

Low-Quality Footage As Evidence

Video surveillance has become a quite significant, and inseparable part of the modern security system. The footage that you get from the video surveillance is too helpful and helps commercial security service providers a lot.

The problem comes when the obtained footage is not up to the mark and is of low quality. The security personnel does face many problems at that point. Additionally, there might be a lot many obstacles in the visibility of the camera which will raise hindrances for the security service providers.

When this time comes, security personnel need to take appropriate actions as well as measures to avoid similar instances in the future. Also, they have to resolve this problem taking responsibility for whatever goes wrong.

Trace Passing into the Property

Another highly common, and frequently faced challenge of the security providers is to perform watchfulness at commercial properties.

The access will be unauthorized hence one can lose his life too. It is the most dangerous challenge of the commercial security experts which they face bravely, and have to go ahead without any blunder.

To counter this threat, the commercial security service providers will have to take help from state of art security and attentiveness tools so that they can get much better quality of video surveillance, and also put up trained, and qualified guards on duty to have better coordinated patrolling as well as vigilance.

Remember, always stay alert, and ready to face any challenge that comes. Some challenges do come uninvited, and beyond your imagination. Hence, keep your instincts active, stay focused, and this is the time to show off your competency at its best.

Alarm Bells on Wrong Time

Another challenge that commercial security service providers do frequently face is the ringing of security alarms with the passage of animals or birds. At this point, no one can be blamed except for those innocent animals.

No one will be ready to take the blame at that point, and only the commercial security service providers hired for the task will be considered responsible for this act. They would also know that this wasn`t anyone`s fault but those animals` but they will gain nothing on blaming them.

Hence, you will be the culprit. So, always be very careful with the technology you use because usage of incompetent technology can become a source of shame for you, and this can damage the company`s repute to a greater extent.

To counter this challenge, all commercial security service providers should bring into use the high-tech alarms systems which would be prone to false wrong alarms.

Snapped Telephone Communication Lines

There are old commercial complexes that have poor or snapped telephone communication lines which result in breakage of the connection, and communication at times of need.

There might be a big threat to someone`s life or property. Even a second`s delay may lead to a big loss. Excessive efficiency will be required at that stage which will prove that how competent the commercial security providers are.

This can be a big challenge for commercial security service providers as at that point, every second matters, and every positive communicative step will do make a huge difference. Hence, they need to tackle this issue too, sensibly.

Last-Minute Changes in Plan

The client may come up with last-minute changes in the plan, and the commercial security service providers may come across another menace.

At the last moment, the client may realize the threat he has to his properties, and such limitations might create big problems for the security providers, turning into a huge challenge.

This is where only a competent company will succeed. They will surely overcome these limitations most elegantly that no one would even notice the blunder if any occurs for a short span.

They will succeed in easily convincing their client that they were the best choice their client has ever made and will convince them to overhaul their security infrastructure.

If you are looking for a competent commercial security company that can face the most prevalent challenges tackling them carefully, and professionally, then no option can be better than Potential Security.

How Security Guards Help To Protect Your Property

Private security is a segment that should be treated as one of the priorities in companies, regardless of size and area of ​​operation. Deepening the knowledge within the private security segment, it is a fact that security is divided into several branches, one of which is the watchman function. For protection to be effective, having a trained watchdog and good leadership skills is essential.

Having a trained staff of security guards working to protect your business allows the chances of criminal actions to be reduced exponentially, in addition to transmitting a greater sense of security to the organization. Below, we will list the main advantages of having a security guard in your company.

Criminal actions decrease exponentially

With a guard prepared, the perimeter will be constantly watched. This greatly reduces the opportunities that criminals could take advantage of. The most likely crimes to happen are not just theft and break-ins but vandalism and harassment of employees, as well. Offenders are quite opportunistic and take advantage of vulnerable places that are easy to carry out the criminal act. They plan their crimes as soon as they realise there are no security guards on a property. Therefore, an unprotected place will be a common target so it’s best to hire some watchmen.

High sense of security and well-being among employees

Having a watchman in your company gives your employees a greater sense of security including in the matter of closing the cash. Several companies work with receiving money every day such as retail stores but if there is no security guard, the employees are always tensed about keeping the cash safe. For employees to work with a sense of security, the figure of the guard is very important.

A very efficient access control

The watchman can perform a good people access control service. It checks, through the flow of customers and employees, if there are people who shouldn’t be there. When suspects are properly located, the watchman will take all necessary measures, dealing with the situation in the most practicable way. The security guard is one of the central figures in the private security service. Therefore, having the services of a highly qualified professional is ideal. This is for the good of your business and your employees.

What does the company gain from hiring outsourced security guards?

Keeping the company’s assets and valuables safe is already a great benefit when hiring third-party security. Corporate security must protect tangible and intangible assets from any accidents, attacks or criminality that may occur. This means that people, physical and financial capital, the brand image and its values ​​must be protected by corporate security. It is the business’s responsibility that its employees, property, equipment, goods and products are safe.

By hiring a third-party security service provider, you can:

  • optimize the production time that would be spent on training, hiring and selecting security personnel.
  • Maximize the security level of the enterprise with trained professionals and strategic solutions developed by a specialist company in the segment.

Main outsourced security services

As we know, private security has several ways of acting. Therefore, it is possible to find the ideal solution for each objective.

  • Asset surveillance

Security focused on protecting the company’s assets provides surveillance services (armed or unarmed). In addition, property surveillance can have dogs trained for the task, following the security plan suggested for the contracting company.

  • Armed escort

It is the security indicated for monitoring loads from different segments. Satellite tracking vehicles and professionals trained in the activity of armed escort promote the protection of the transported product or material.

  • Events

The event businesses also need to be protected. For this, security must cover the demands of the areas where the event will take place. In addition, it must ensure both the physical integrity of people and property.

  • Porters and security guards

There is also the option of monitoring and access control. In this scenario, the company can choose to hire doormen and security guards. Remember that legally this is not characterized as a private security activity, but it has an important role in risk mitigation.   

For all the activities mentioned, there is training for professionals according to the company’s demand, following its rules and needs. If you run a business and are looking to protect your assets, in addition to providing a safe environment for your employees, you need to understand how third-party security works. This is because it is a way to avoid spending on teams, training and hiring by the company. These issues are not obligations of your business, but the contracted institution. That way you don’t deal with it and still keep the environment protected with their perfect security plans and trained security guards. If you are residing in Canada, check out the extraordinary security services provided by Potential Security and release your security tensions.

5 trends that are set to change the security industry

The last two years have been very difficult for the entire world and we have all seen unprecedented times because of the deadly pandemic. Things have been extremely unfortunate for a lot of people but one good thing that may have come out of this is the transformation of all the industries. Like all other industries, the security industry has also achieved many milestones and has come up with newer and better security solutions. Multiple surveys have been conducted that show the improvement in physical security solutions by emphasizing the use of artificial intelligence and data protection software.

But how does this effectively apply to how we use security today?  

Convergence is the future of companies. The use of technologies must be integrated with traditional methods of Corporate Security, aiming to develop new defence strategies. There is still a long way to go, but everything points out that by 2022 AI devices will already be a reality for large companies. 

Some of the tools that are being introduced to the market recently, but that are already following the trends presented are:

  1. Mobile Access Control

With the rapid growth in the market due to positive results in Corporate Security systems, defence services for mobile devices promise to be one of the most used tools from now on. Integrating multiple tools through an application is a facility that few devices can deliver.  Access credentials, camera systems and even a panic button can all be part of custom software, developed specifically for the needs of each company.

  • Video surveillance

Video surveillance has long been in use and is one of the most common ways of protecting premises. However, security cameras have now been updated to a lot better versions. Security cameras have gotten smarter with AI grip. Systems that can capture sounds, identify people, movements and store this information will modernize the way we monitor on video. With the data collected, the software creates a memory and provides important data in preventing occurrences based on images, date, time and location, for example.

  • Facial recognition

Taking second place in Security Megatrends, Face Recognition is an image processing done by software that identifies the characteristics of a human face. With the information entered in the system, it is possible to know who the faces belong to and, with that, create a database of people. Face Recognition is gradually replacing passwords and physical access. Through technology that recognizes the visitor, the use of credentials can be dropped very soon. The giant Facebook already uses the feature to replace the insertion of passwords in the login of personal accounts.

  • Convergence is the premise for the future of security

In security convergence, the IT department and the operational team are aligned to resolve any type of situation.  The idea that information security and property security are different sectors falls apart, and all employees must be involved in the process for this convergence to work. For example, if there is a problem with the camera system that impacts the physical equipment, companies will usually act linearly. One team to restore the software and another to make technical repairs to the device is the most obvious action.

In a company with converged security, teams are already aligned and act mutually on faster and more preventive solutions to prevent any type of unexpected situation from having its proportions extended. The integration of technologies must happen together with the collaboration of the teams that must be immersed in a Safety Culture. Effective protection is a daily task for all areas and employees. Technology and artificial intelligence do not do this alone.

It is up to the group to create a set of practices and policies that meet the company’s security needs and, more important than creating a strategy, ensure that the team knows how to put it into practice when necessary.

  • Virtual reality used for guard training

We have heard the famous virtual reality being used in games and hospitals, and many other areas but not security. However, VR is now set to take over the security industry as well. It has now even become comparatively affordable so money won’t be an object when considering VR security.

This scientific tool is already used by multiple law-enforcing authorities to train their guards as well as other employees. This system helps the guards in experiencing crime scenes and gives them a chance of on-hand practice without even having to step into real fields. It helps in creating a muscle memory along with experiential memory which can never be achieved through theoretical classes only.

Now that you have learned the top 5 trends that are all set to transform our security industry, it’s time for you to get yourself booked with an experienced security company to be able to use these technologies. Contact Potential Security to find the best safety solutions!

Why is a physical security audit important?

A security audit is a very important process to ensure that all regulatory standards are being properly adhered to within an organization. Complying with these rules is critical not only to comply with legislative issues but also to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. Therefore, the company must always control the risks to which its employees are exposed.

What is the purpose of an audit?

Auditing is a process whose main objective is to obtain information, based on evidence, which will be used for an analysis of the reliability and efficiency of the work safety management system. It is through it that managers can identify non-compliance points.

Even small irregularities can cause work accidents, occupational diseases and environmental degradation. With accurate data in hand, it is possible to draw up more effective action plans, capable of ensuring the health and safety of your employees.

What are the audit types?

Audits can be carried out in any part of an organization, especially in those most problematic sectors. Each area has different goals and this must be taken into account. There are three types of it:

  • First-party or internal audit: performed by an organization for itself, aiming to improve performance and reduce divergences concerning safety standards;
  • Second-party audit: also called supplier audit, it can be done by the company or third parties to assess the system’s compliance with legal or contractual requirements;
  • Third-party or external audit: performed by third-party auditors for certification purposes.
  • In addition to these three main ones, there are some others whose objectives are more complex, such as joint, concession, follow-up audits, etc.

What to include in the checklist?

What are the minimum attributes of each activity? By answering this question, you have already taken the first step towards making a good checklist. Consider factors such as materials and tools used and their conditions, preparation of the machine before its operation, procedures and safety equipment to be carried out before, during and after activities, etc.

Remember to document everything, as, in the event of an accident, it will be necessary to verify that all points have been properly assessed. Use forms as guides and pay close attention to technical specifications. Always keep your checklists updated to constantly apply new practices, ensuring that all processes and equipment are included in your audit. Some questions you can ask yourself in support of an occupational safety audit checklist are:

  • What are the duties required by law? Are they being fulfilled?
  • Is the equipment undergoing maintenance on time?
  • Do employees wear the correct PPE for each activity performed?
  • Do workers know how to report possible failures?

How to implement auditing?

Now that you’ve defined your goal and made a complete checklist, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Persons responsible for evaluating the established criteria must be qualified professionals, such as technicians or engineers. These are called auditors.

Ideally, auditors do not usually carry out the operations and processes they will assess, as people already active in certain activities can set standards concerning some situations and, therefore, some errors can go unnoticed, reducing the reliability of the audit.

The main job of these professionals is to use the checklists, make observations and record evidence through photos and videos. All documentation will be part of a report, prepared at the end of the audit process. This document will describe all activities applied in the audit, in addition to listing the nonconformities found.

Why perform an audit?

Now you know how to perform an audit from start to finish. But was he convinced of all the advantages brought by doing it? If not, now is the time.

  • Reduces threats of work accidents and occupational diseases

As we’ve discussed throughout this text, auditing is precisely aimed at identifying all the problems that endanger the health and safety of an organization’s employees. Knowing what these problems are, it’s easier to come up with a plan of action.

  • Improves the working environment

A safer, cleaner and more organized workspace (because the audit can assess hygiene as well, as this affects health) is much better to work. Can you disagree with this statement? Nobody likes to be in a disorganized place, besides safety and cleanliness being basic human needs.

  • Decreases the risk of fines

The Regulatory Norms exist and are supervised by the responsible bodies. This means that if they identify irregularities, the company will suffer the foreseen penalties. With frequent audits, the number of non-compliance drops and, consequently, the risk of fines are also reduced.

Are you also willing to get your company a safety audit as soon as possible? Contact Potential Security and get yourself booked with a team of experts and get the best services in town!  

What questions to ask when hiring a security company?

A theft in the storage rooms, a continuous problem with the mailboxes, some graffiti on the facade of the building … there are many reasons why a community of neighbours is encouraged to hire security services that help them to be calmer in the day today.

Deciding that we need to hire security for our premises is the first step, but once we have made the decision … how do we find the most suitable company? Sometimes, when it comes to hiring security, users take into account the marketing of a company more than the solvency of the company itself. Therefore, to avoid disappointment and learn to select the best offer on the market, we have prepared a list of questions for you.

Today we help you choose the best security company for your neighbourhood community by giving you essential questions that you must take into account when evaluating offers and selecting them. Because in terms of security, all that glitters is not gold and it is worth spending time choosing the best company. Your peace of mind and that of your neighbours will thank you.

  1. Do they have extensive experience in the sector?  The first thing to value when selecting a security company that provides service in your neighbourhood community is that they have experience in the sector. For this, it is preferable to choose a company that is at least 20 years old, since a long-lived company that has adapted to the times has more resources when it comes to solving problems and knows the world in which it operates better.
  2. Do they provide a comprehensive service? Another point in favour of a good security company is that it offers a comprehensive service so that it can respond to all the needs of the community. Choose the one that can offer you the installation of cameras, alarms, access control … that can take all the security of your premises completely, responding to all the demands in terms of security.
  3. Does it offer specific solutions?  Together with a comprehensive service, a good security company will reliably offer you specific solutions to each of the security problems that arise in your community. Remember that a warehouse does not have the same problems as a home, a corporate building or a department store, so when choosing a company, choose the one that has experience in your case and knows how to specifically solve the problems.
  4. Are they well equipped with new technologies? A good security company is an updated company in which its professionals are continuously recycled and in which new technologies and advances in security are incorporated to always offer you the best product, such as cameras thermals, fog walls or accesses with facial recognition. Be wary of companies that do not offer anything new or are unaware of the news in the sector. Only an up-to-date company knows how the security field is today and can give you the solutions you are looking for.
  5. Does it have its own Alarm Receiving Centre? This point is critical. Only a security company with its own, approved and real Alarm Receiving Centre can offer you protection for your community with guarantees. If you doubt between several options, always choose the company that has its Alarm Receiving Centre.
  6. Have an Engineering Department? A security company with an Engineering Department is committed to its business, its sector and the constant improvement of its services. Be wary of those who do not have it.
  7. Is it approved to work with the State? This approval is in itself a guarantee of suitability since it ensures minimum conditions of stability for the client because they are required by the State to approve. A company approved to work with the State will have at least a few minimum facilities as well as its economic viability and the capacity of the personnel working in it will be guaranteed.
  8. Can their facilities be visited? A visit to the facilities of a security company gives a very approximate and clear idea of ​​the seriousness, capacity and legality of the same. Whenever possible, it requires visiting the facilities before hiring the service. And remember that a legal company will never deny you a visit: on the contrary, it will try to encourage it so that you can see “in real” everything they can offer you.
  9. Does it offer in writing ALL the conditions of its services/offers? Do not stay with words. When you interview a salesperson for the security company you are evaluating, ask in writing for every one of the conditions of the services that they make available to you and make sure they are what you need and what you have asked for before committing to hiring the service. The information on daily surveillance rounds, the alarm receiving centre or the quality of the cameras that the company offers you must be truthful and verifiable and this can only be known if you have it in writing and you can check it. Do not get any unpleasant surprises.
  10. What trainings do the security guards have?

For a security guard, theoretical training is never enough. Make sure you hire a company that has guards with complete practical training and experience. They should be well-equipped with gun technology, risk assessment, public interactions and all other threats that may come their way during the day. The security guards should always be high alert.

Along with these ten requirements that a security company must strictly meet to be a good option, there are also some issues that it is good to take into account, such as having security guards and assistants, as well as having a website where we can find out about services, offers and check that the company is serious. If you are residing in Canada, contact Potential Security for all your security needs.

Security Risks You May Face In A Public Event

public event

Organizing an event and making it a success is not an easy job. There are so many details that need attention but the biggest challenge remains the security issues. You need to make sure you hire the best event security services if you want to make everyone feel safe and welcomed at your event.

The ultimate security strategy is not perceived, but is hiding there to keep us all safe; we must analyse all the risks. In this article, we present a small guide that will help you have a more complete view of the security risks in the organization of your event if you have not hired event security services.

Security risk analysis for events: what you should keep in mind

Let’s start by the beginning. Zero risk does not exist. Trying to create a ‘zero risk’ is fiction; there will always be a risk, no matter how small, something unexpected happens that could alter the program of an event. Our job is to determine what the risks are and to contemplate all possible scenarios.

To do so, it is necessary to develop a security plan that establishes which are the most important risks, the type of event we are facing and a detailed analysis of all of them.

What are the security risks in an event in Canada?

At first, you will have to determine what type of event you are going to organize since a good part of the conclusions and measures that will be taken will be derived from this first definition. We refer to whether it is a sporting event, a gala, a dinner, an awards ceremony…

Next, you must know the venue where it will take place. If, for example, it is a sporting event or a race on public roads, you should know perfectly the characteristics of the space, which in these cases will be very different: what security measures are incorporated, what strengths and weaknesses of Regarding security, it has or if you will be able to install access control points, a central control nucleus, if it has security cameras or not, etc.

During an event, many different types of risks can appear and it will be our mission to detect them and reflect them in the security plan.

Broadly speaking, these are:

– Risk of intrusion: Depending on the type of event, this risk may be more or less high. Nobody likes intruders at a party or a tournament, since they are items that may only be intended to see their idols or cause a ruckus.

– Risks of disturbance of order: One of the most important risks, since even the minor ones can become very striking. A protest during a charity event or clashes between two fans during a game can create a very bad public image that we must be able to avoid.

– Risk of theft: An event begins and ends long before the guests arrive and leave. The transport of supply, audio-visual material or assembly equipment, may include the risk of theft of all this material, in addition to theft in the cloakroom or any other place of the event.

– Risk of attack: The worst scenario is this since an attack during an event is a tragedy that we do not want to put our guests before. This category of risk is undoubtedly the most complex and difficult to deal with.

– Other risks: There are complicated situations that can be generated in a very trivial way. For example, a power failure can trigger, in addition to great discomfort, a disorderly evacuation situation. These events must also be included in the event’s security plan derived by event security services.

Once the risks have been determined, we must determine the security variables of the event itself. These variables will mark the degree of security measures that we have to deploy.

– Attendance: The total audience that we expect will allow us to deploy one security plan or another. It will not be the same security plan for a small event, with fewer than 100 attendees, as for a large charity dinner with 400 guests.

–  Category of the event: The security plan will not be the same for a cocktail on the terrace of a hotel, as for a final of a first-rate sports tournament.

– VIP assistance: VIPs and authorities will require an extra effort in security. If we have a State authority among the attendees, you may have to work in coordination with their security team to ensure that everything is completely under control.

If you are about to host an event in Canada, you should be well aware of all the risks that come your way. To get the best event security services, contact Potential Security and enjoy your events stress-free!

Top Benefits of Mobile Patrolling You Should Be Aware Of

Top Benefits of Mobile Patrolling You Should Be Aware of

With the constantly rising number of crimes, mobile patrolling has become very important in Canada. It has been observed that mobile patrolling brings more benefits when compared to the conventional methods of security. Here is a list of some of the most crucial benefits of mobile patrolling in Canada.

  1. It is a great sign of warning

Security guards on patrol are always very well-suited in their uniforms and move around in marked patrol cars which make them identifiable from a far distance. This is a great way of making them look like a deterrent for all those criminals who are planning to commit a crime; they instantly get alarmed and realise they can get caught within minutes as there is a force constantly on patrol. It prevents them from breaking the law or harming anyone. Mobile patrolling has proven very beneficial and has drastically reduced the number of cases of crimes like vandalism, break-ins, and thefts in residential areas.

  • The main focus of mobile patrolling is to detect any possible crimes

The fundamental role of mobile patrolling is to identify any potential crimes in the vicinity they are securing. This could be any form of danger from thieves breaking into the building to someone from the inside stealing something. Mobile patrols are preferred over guards as they cover comparatively larger areas because of their constant movement from one place to another. They also keep a check on the CCTV footage to keep themselves updated about the areas they are not present in. This way, you can rest assured that your premises are being well taken care of.

  • Patrol guards respond instantly

The best and the most common way to use mobile patrolling is by combining it with CCTV security. While they can instantly respond to dangers in the area they are guarding, the CCTV footage and alarms update them about the areas they are not physically present in. The situations are very well-handled because of their quick travelling as they can instantly act on any reported dangers or crimes by moving to the location with the help of their vehicles. It is mainly their fast vehicles that make them so much better than a bunch of guards patrolling areas on foot. Therefore, it is always best to hire security petrol with the best vehicles.

  • Mobile patrolling is a complete form of security

Mobile patrol guards not only provide conventional mobile patrolling in Canada but also respond to alarms and make sure that your premises are as safe as possible. They look after all the potential threats and are well-equipped to deal with whatever situation that may come their way. Their duty mostly includes everything from checking door locks to windows and CCTV footage for any possible dangers. In addition, you can also ask your security firm to install a digital security system that your patrol guards will look after.

Now that you have a fair idea of the number of benefits mobile patrolling brings, here is a list of some of the types of patrolling that you can choose from. You can ask your security firm which ones they offer and then select according to your budget and preference. 

  1. Foot Patrol: Patrol is mostly done in pairs on foot or in patrols with five or even more guards. On a day-to-day basis, they work on prevention in direct contact with the citizen, providing guidance and assistance, ranging from first aid assistance to requests for support from other public bodies. Foot patrol is the most common, being used in dozens of squares, parks and other public points in the city that are most likely to attract any dangers.
  2. Vehicles: By speeding up the service of guards on the streets, patrolling with vehicles is essential at some points, providing operational support for the thousands of missions carried out in the city, from urban actions to support for sociocultural events.
  3. Motorcycles: They are agile to circulate in the city’s troubled traffic and generate considerable fuel savings. They also allow for more speed for the guard who works in patrolling schools, traffic control, operational supervision missions and even administrative services.
  4. Bicycles: Cyclist guards working in pairs from 7 am to 7 pm in several neighbourhoods is the most common and conventional form of patrolling. They are active in public parks, squares and other crowded places as well as residential areas.
  5. Dogs: Patrolling with dogs is carried out by guards who work in pairs with German and Belgian shepherds in public squares and monuments in the city, in a daily workday of eight hours. Fundamental to inhibit the action of small crimes, this type of service gives the population a feeling of security. The staff are also employed to support planning actions carried out on match days in the city’s stadiums.
  6. Electric carts: As an outlet for patrolling in large public areas, on irregular terrain and narrow stretches, special security carts were introduced. Battery-powered, with autonomy for 10 hours and reaching a speed of 40km/h, they are more agile in large areas and often not accessed by conventional vehicles. Currently, this type of patrol is used in public places that have heavy crowds that are difficult to disperse especially in tourist seasons. In addition, it can also be used for event security as the crowds can get difficult to manage in some events.

In a nutshell, mobile patrolling in Canada is a far better option than any conventional method of security. However, you should only hire guards from a trustworthy security firm that will be determined to provide you with the best services in your budget. To book a mobile patrol team for your business, contact Potential Security now and get the best guards out there. They will work day in and night out to make your vicinity as secure as possible for you.  

Your Complete Guide to Alarm Monitoring

Your Complete Guide to Alarm Monitoring

The security market is constantly evolving at the same pace as technology. There is no way, in the middle of 2021, to dissociate one from the other. The equipment used for security, surveillance and monitoring is the most modern and great allies to collaborate and facilitate the work. Investing in alarm monitoring services has become a necessity today. Find out how the system works and how alarm monitoring can ensure your safety.

What is alarm monitoring?

This monitoring technology has extremely fast communication that offers an effective relationship with the security system and the monitoring centre of this service. Your control panel will record emergency events and send signals to the monitoring centre; the company will notify you along with the appropriate authority under any circumstances.

The technological functionalities of security companies may be slightly different; however, alarm monitoring ideals are identical across all security systems. The system’s control centre is located in the sensor network, which may include window or door alarm devices, motion detectors, tamper sensors on telephone devices or dedicated detectors to recognize potential problems related to tragedies such as smoke, fire, floods etc.

When the system is armed and any of these sensors are triggered, it sends a signal to the central station via a telephone line. Additionally, some alarm monitoring systems offer other forms of transmission and backup.

Practical functionality

Your control panel’s first reaction will alert your monitoring team directly from the centre then they will call you to inform and confirm the situation to see if it is a real emergency or a false trigger. If you are unable to respond, the alarm monitoring centre triggers immediate contact with the competent authorities to send an emergency team to your address.

Many security systems provide other features, such as instant alerts that don’t rely on acknowledgement calls or alerts that inhibit intruders’ perception and deny them the opportunity to shut down the system before sending follow-up signals.

Important information is sent by the security system to the alarm monitoring centre, including the account ID (used to access your address and contact information) and the type of sensor triggered. It is worth emphasizing again that the alarm panel is an item that you should pay special attention to when choosing a security system, as it can act as a “smart centre”. It collects the information transmitted by all built-in features and programs of the security system. In other words, this device is the core of your device concentration.

In terms of effectiveness, the biggest advantage of this product is 24-hour monitoring. Using this model, security can be shared with third-party companies that track alarm system records. The monitored siren has sensors to detect suspicious intrusions: a siren that emits an alarm sound, a panel that activates the siren and sends the signal to the monitoring centre and a means of communication (telephone line, Ethernet or GPRS) to generate the dashboard. The signal is transmitted to the owner of the property.

There is also the possibility to share full time with security companies, users can also check the status of the exchange and receive updated notifications about events, enable/disable alarms and access reports through applications installed on their phones.

It is possible to manage items such as low battery and activation of an alarm trigger (emergency function) through the app when any threat is found.

Unmonitored alarms

With an unmonitored control panel, you are responsible for system security. When activated by the sensor, the control panel will sound an alarm if there is damage or intrusion. However, the owner is responsible for verifying the notification and can take appropriate action.

As most people do not have the professional competence to carry out prompt response actions or even technical knowledge about the devices, using an unmonitored alarm system can become a “shot in the foot”, as its efficiency will be affected in emergencies.

Benefits of alarm monitoring services

Here is a list of some of the many benefits you will get by using alarm monitoring.

  1. Availability: As the customer is not available all the time, one of the great advantages of investing in monitoring is that the service starts taking action immediately when there is a sign of invasion or a request for help. The monitoring centre works 24 hours a day and has contingency structures to avoid interruptions, even with a power outage. Companies with a quality seal ensure that the structure and procedures are adequate.
  2. Autonomy and mobility: The autonomy of the alarm is related to the battery, which is used in case of temporary power failure. Furthermore, the wireless sensors are energy efficient and come into action only when the alarm is activated, saving the battery during deactivation.
  3. Security: The alarm is noticeable to intruders – due to the signs indicating the monitored location, the sensors and the siren, which is activated when someone enters without disabling it. With this, the bandit avoids entering places that can trigger the siren and that will notify those responsible and authorities. In addition, detecting an invasion and notifying the occurrence allows the action to be taken quickly, avoiding losses.
  4. No works and no wiring: Most advanced alarm equipment uses no wiring – except for power, and in some cases for communication. With this, it is not necessary to invest in piping works or give up the good appearance of the exposed wiring site. Maintenance is faster and with less hassle, as there is no need to move furniture to access the wiring.

Hire a specialized company for alarm monitoring service in Vancouver Canada

Monitoring alarms throughout the day is a basic service provided by several companies specializing in security, such as Potential Security Canada. For more specific information about the service and monitoring details, contact their representatives on the website. They will guide you about the procedure in detail as well as come up with the best solutions that fit your budget.  

Holiday Weekend Events in Vancouver

Holiday weekend events in Vancouver

Holidays are everyone’s favourite part of the year and we all try to make the most out of them, in our different ways. Some people like to travel across the country while others like exploring different countries, and then of course there is our introvert gang that loves staying home. With the COVID-19 situation getting better, all the social butterflies are on the lookout for weekend getaways with their loved ones. If you are also one of those people and plan on spending the next few holidays in Vancouver, here are some amazing upcoming events that might interest you.

  1. Art festivals ‘CREATE!’

CREATE is an Arts Festival launched by Eastside Arts Society. This event is held annually and is now taking place at Woodland Park along with some other Eastside studios on the 21st and 22nd of August. CREATE is planned to rewire the local communities together that went into isolation because of the pandemic. The main aim of such events is to explore more local talent with the help of art workshops held by local artists. The workshops offer many categories such as jewellery making, printing, painting, and a lot more of such fun activities. There are different workshops for adults and kids and you can register yourself according to your age. If you think the artist inside you needs a push, it’s just the right time to enrol yourself!

2. Odlum Brown Fort Langley Jazz and Arts Festival

It is another Artfest that is extremely excited to host you from 2nd September to 5th September. There will be live shows as well as ticketed performances every evening. The tickets are currently being sold on their webpage that you can go check out. The art director of the festival has been reported to say there will be amazing online as well as live shows for the audience to indulge in. Sounds super exciting, right? If the jazz music fan inside you is jumping up and down like a happy 5 years old, you know this is ‘The Event’ for you and you don’t want to miss it out. Head over to their website now and book yourself a place as soon as possible.

3. The Outdoor Adventure and Travel show

The show is taking place from Saturday, 5th March to 6th March in 2022 in Vancouver. The two-day Outdoor Adventure and Travel show is undoubtedly one of the largest events in Canada and a total treat for travel lovers. Counsellors from many different recreational activities take part in the event to showcase their services and articulately crafted products. The outdoor Adventure and travel show has seven different categories that include travelling, camping, biking zones, adventures, marathons and triathlons, and many other sports as well. In addition to that, it offers an amazing shopping experience too with pretend outdoors, communicative features, as well as educational opportunities. Awesome slideshows that contain exciting stories from avid travellers and campers are also played for you to enjoy and relax. The incredible stories take your breath away, sometimes. If you are interested, book your tickets now because they run out of slots pretty fast!

4. Weekend in Vancouver: An Extraordinary Saturday!

Have breakfast at the hotel and then head to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Be sure to explore every aspect of the park. There is the Royal Bridge, but also a series of walkways called Treetop Adventure and Canyon Cliff Walk, which are canyon hanging walkways over the flowing river below. An alternative option for Capilano is Lynn Canyon Park, a free park in North Vancouver that features a mini-suspension bridge, as well as hiking trails and swimming pools.

On your return to downtown Vancouver, spend some time at Stanley Park and Seawall. You can also take the hotel’s free bikes to explore here too. Enjoy dinner at the hotel in La Pentola (or if you like sushi, check out the nearby Minami) and head out for a night out in Yaletown or travel to the up-and-coming Strathcona neighbourhood to check out the brewery at Strathcona Beer Company, where pizza is a great late-night meal.

However, all of this is only possible if you feel safe and well-secured everywhere you go. You need to make sure that your anxiety of danger doesn’t follow you around on your holidays in Vancouver. If you think any of the events are not fully secured, you can contact Potential Security Canada to get event security. They will provide full-fledged security services to the event and you will be guaranteed your safety. The highly-trained security professionals at Potential Security are well equipped for their job!  

Things to do if you receive a threat


Many times, we find ourselves surrounded by threats and danger when we have no idea how to protect ourselves. The world is now full of crime, whether virtual or physical and a lot of people often fall victim to it. On the other hand, impunity in this environment is extremely worrying, as it is often not even known who the person behind the threats is. As a result, those who are offended are left without knowing what action to take, even in the face of a very serious threat.

However, many security services are stepping ahead today to help the victims continue their lives without the constant stress. Here is a list of things you should immediately do when you find yourself in a dangerous situation or witness a threat.

Try to identify the offender/threatener:

Gather as much evidence as possible: save the screenshot (print screen) or record the threats and offences, the link to the website where the event occurred, save it on a USB stick or CD, and if possible, print it out. If you print, the documents must have “public faith” recognized at any local registry (this will attest to the veracity of this documentation). Such evidence can be useful if an investigation or criminal prosecution is opened.

Go to the police station and make a police report:

Go to the nearest police station (in some cities, police stations are often specializing in different crimes), in possession of all the documentation you managed to gather and make a police report. The delegate will confirm the existence (or not) of the crime. If you know who it is, provide evidence to prove its authorship. If not, an investigation will be opened to find the suspect.

As has been seen, the record of so-called “crimes of passion” in the country is growing every day. Therefore, if you are a woman and have been threatened/offended by your partner or ex-partner, go to the police station specializing in women’s care, and if possible, also request an urgent protective measure. If you feel like the police are not helpful enough, buckle up and hook yourself up with a trustworthy security service provider- nothing comes before your safety!

Follow the case:

As the crimes in question are “private” try to follow the case, as you are the offended person and the main interest in the progress of the investigations. Be sure to report! Until being a victim, everyone feels protected!

These are the first three and most essential steps you should take. However, an open investigation of threats might put you or your residence at risk. If you feel like that is happening, here is another list that will tell you what to do:

Install a secure lock!

As practice shows, about 73% of home robberies happen through forced entry through the front door. Therefore, good quality and secure locks will considerably reduce the chances of being surprised by criminals. Threateners can force the locks on the pins much more easily. The lock, on the other hand, is much more difficult to perpetrate. The ideal way to protect your home from intrusion is by combining a bumping lock and a Chubb detector lock. Some blocks break into several parts if you try to force them open. In this case, the interior of the house can only be accessed by removing the door.

Practice pretend goodbyes!

Imagine the following situation: you leave the house and no one remains there. When he is walking, on the other side of the street, he sees a suspicious person. Possibly that person is just waiting for you to leave the house to get into your house and find something that might help them with their threats. So don’t be ashamed: turn to the house and wave your hand as if you were saying goodbye to someone. In this way, you will create the illusion that there are people in the house. This might feel a little weird in the beginning, but it works every time. The criminal will suddenly feel under pressure and might as well change his decision of breaking into the house.

Do not share your personal information on the phone!

You might think this is just an exaggeration but criminals usually tap your phone and then everything you say on calls is registered to them. Be suspicious if you frequently receive strange phone calls, inquiries about your home or customs, work hours, or people who live with you. This is one of the favourite methods used by criminals. They try to lure you into giving your information for made-up offers of cash prizes and gift schemes. In this way, they discover more details about the house’s routine and the most appropriate time to commit a crime or even just make empty threats; either way, you will find yourself being anxious at all times. The uncertainty of what will happen next is the worst!

These are just some very basic things to do if you face a threat. They will not guarantee your safety. If you want assurance of your safety, you need to take proper measures like hiring a security team. Potential security is now offering all kinds of security services that will guarantee your protection at all times. If you think you are in great danger, it might be the right time to hire a security guard and feel a bit stress-free!

5 skills personal security guards must have


The increase in crime has increasingly raised concerns about security in the country’s big cities. Thus, condominiums, companies, and citizens, in general, have sought to improve their security systems more and more. Within this context, human resources play a fundamental role in a quality security system: it is essential to have competent and well-trained professionals, including both the concierge and the surveillance team.

With years of experience in recruiting and training personnel, we have identified 5 common characteristics in the profile of good security professional. This information is important both for assisting in the recruitment and selection process, as well as for training and supervision.

Good Personal Presentation

The concept of ‘Personal appearance’ involves everything from physical appearance and personal hygiene, to the individual’s professional posture. Security positions, due to the type of service provided, require a conservative and sober personal appearance and, therefore, any trace of extravagance or informality should be avoided. Professionals with a good personal appearance convey an image of professionalism, attention, and preparation, increasing the sense of security in the places where they work.

In addition to that, they should be cordial and sympathetic. Many security professionals confuse complying with procedures with rudeness and brutality. Warmth and friendliness are important characteristics for a security professional, as they are not only positive for the image of the organization they represent but also ensure that security rules are complied with without generating unnecessary friction, which only wastes energy. One must learn to say ‘no’ in a determined, convincing, and polite way to enforce a regulation that is being disobeyed. But one must also always be considerate of those who request information, trying to help with whatever is needed. When carrying out an order, always be very careful not to show arrogance, authoritarianism, or any kind of brutality.

Discipline and Responsibility

Responsibility and discipline are understood as the ability to constantly comply with established routines and procedures. In the security field, this point is especially critical, due to the long hours that professionals are usually subjected to and the lack of action most of the time. It is not easy to maintain an attentive posture during a 12-hour workday, without deviating from established functions. Therefore, not everyone has a suitable profile for security positions. And that’s why it’s very important to investigate your experience and job performance to make sure you have the right fit!

Good Communication

Good verbal and written communication is an indispensable tool for a good security guard. Knowing how to express yourself correctly, in a polite, formal way, without slang and mistakes in the language, conveys reliability, authority, and credibility to the security team, facilitating compliance with procedures. It is important to always express yourself objectively and slowly, with an appropriate tone of voice – not too loud, not too quiet – always ensuring that the interlocutor understands the message being conveyed.

However, often contrary to what is imagined, within the communication process, as important as transmitting information is knowing how to receive it, whether written or verbal. A good security professional must know how to listen and be able to read carefully. It is important to always look and pay attention to who is speaking, not just out of respect, but to make the person feel heard. It is also important to be aware of good communication practices via radio and telephone. Radio communication is a very common activity for the security professional and he/she must be duly qualified for the correct use of the available equipment, not only from the point of view of technology but also knowledge of the commonly used communication codes. Unfortunately, it is still quite common to misuse radios and telephones for games and non-safety matters. This kind of attitude is incompatible with a security team that strives for quality and efficiency.

Attention & Good Visual Memory

The security professional must always be aware of all situations that may indicate risks to the location. Lights on that should be off, doors and windows open that should be closed, strange noises, movement of strange people, cars that successively pass in front of the street. Nothing should escape good security professionals. For this, a good visual memory is essential. Being able to save faces, license plates, models, and vehicle colours greatly helps to improve the performance of the security system. It can be said, without exaggeration, that attention and good visual memory are essential for the preventive action of security.

Secrecy & Discretion

Professionals working in the security area must maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding information, comments, documents, assets, specifications, or innovations that they may eventually have access to in the exercise of their functions. The disclosure of such information harms the security system and, especially, the reliability of the professional who is disclosing it. Under no circumstances should comments be made about the organization you work for, or about the assets of clients, outside working hours. You must never provide information about the company or condominium if approached in person or by telephone. Always politely respond that you are ‘not authorized to provide any information. When hiring, be wary of overly expansive candidates who talk too much. A good security guard usually speaks little and is very discreet.

This is a list of just some of the major qualities a personal security guard should possess. If you are hiring a guard, make sure he is someone trustworthy and checks off all these characteristics. However, if you think this is too much hassle and work for you to do, you can simply hire a security service provider to find the right guard for you. You can contact Potential security for all kinds of security services. They provide all kinds of safety services from guard services to event services to mobile services.  You name it and they have it! All you need to do is put your trust in them and secure yourself from all threats and dangers that may come your way.  

Common Security Threats in Vancouver & How to Overcome Them

Vancouver police

Security threats have increased in the last couple of years, particularly in Vancouver. There are a lot of reasons for what has caused these to increase but let’s not go there. Since the pandemic has started, a surge in the crime rate has been observed throughout the world. People have lost their jobs, businesses have closed, and ultimately, the earning sources have been disturbed. This has led to increased crimes. If you have been wondering what security threats you are vulnerable to, here’s a list of those.


Living in Vancouver is the most peaceful experience of all places – courtesy of the environment and lesser crime rate. However, in the past couple of months, there has been an increase in thefts throughout the area. Most of the time, these can be controlled using some gadgets and keeping indoors secure with some equipment. However, there have been some instances where technology has failed to prevent thefts and later on, the identification of criminals was also not possible.

Mugging/Road Crimes

When it comes to living in the big cities, the most common thing everyone (or a majority of the population) faces are street crimes. Although in Vancouver, the situation is quite controlled – thanks to the police and other law enforcement agencies – there is still some possibility of getting mugged. Numerous cases have been reported where the citizens were made deprived of their money, mobile phones, and other valuable items.


Kidnapping for ransom is becoming a new norm, especially in Vancouver. The frequency of cases although changes with time but the possibility of it is not eliminated once and for all. Living in Vancouver with children may at times take a haunted turn but that does not happen that often. The biggest mistake in these scenarios that people often make is that they do not inform the police. Informing the police timely can help you keep your hard-earned money and loved ones safe from any sort of danger.

Firing Activities

In recent times, the number of firing incidents has gone up by a fair margin. Many people have lost their lives in these incidents that also led the Prime Minister to announce how strictly the government intends to deal with the culprits and such criminals. The government is also wholeheartedly working on eradicating this crime from the roots by creating awareness about humanity and promoting the message of peace along with announcing strict sentences for criminals. All of it will reap benefits in the long run but the prevailing situation demands instant action and a perfect, concrete remedy.

Solution Against Threats

The best thing you can do to avoid these threats is to hire a personal security guard for all your needs. No matter if you are going out or your children are going to school with your driver, your security guard in Vancouver must accompany you. Most people consider it a high level of protocol. However, it is nothing but your best possible option to keep you and your loved ones safe from all sorts of unfavourable happenings. The next question you would ask is where you should hire a personal security guard because you should be sure of their professionalism and background.

Contact Potential Security for Personal Security Guard

If you are looking for the most professional security guards in Vancouver, Potential Security is the answer for you. In all of Vancouver, Potential Security owns the repute of having the most professional battalion of security guards who are available for all purposes. We take pride in maintaining strict background checks for all our security guards to offer the same value that our clients demand and deserve.

Most of the personal security guards in Vancouver offered by Potential Security are retired military personnel who have acquired professional training and are capable of dealing with all sorts of situations on their own. They also own the weapon license, which is a plus for everyone looking for a personal security guard. The next thing you would be wondering is the cost of hiring the security guards through Potential Security. For your convenience, Potential Security is always ready to give you the most suitable, customized solution. It will be as per your budget requirements and would meet the purpose completely.

Regardless of the scope of your requirement, we will present you with the solution that will please you and provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. For details and any other types of queries regarding personal security guards in Vancouver, please feel free to get in touch. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you and answer all your queries.

Top Benefits of Having Armed Security at Construction Sites

Security is a top concern for most businesses. From warehouses to pharmacies, and banks to departmental stores; targeted businesses lose around 7% of their revenue to thefts each year.

Similarly, construction sites are no exception. With expensive equipment and tools on-site, the chances of thefts increase a lot. If we talk about the statistics of last year, construction sites recorded losses of over $100 million to vandalism and thefts.

These numbers are those of reported crimes. There are instances where happen so frequently and masterfully where the loss is realized after the project is already completed.

The bottom line is that you need professional security to protect your investment. But what kind of security do you need?

Do you need armed security or unarmed security guards at your construction sites? Unarmed security is more like monitoring and the benefits it adds are very less in comparison to the price.

Armed Security for Construction Sites

Armed security guards at your construction site provide the greatest security for your assets and investment. Not only do they provide a safeguard against thefts but reduce the chances of thefts as well.

Armed security for construction sites requires additional licensing from the state for firearms permits. However, the basic licensing remains the same as that of unarmed security. If you are choosing a security company, make sure that they have all these permits to avoid landing in some legal trouble.

The requirements for training security personnel vary from state to state. It is crucial to get accustomed to the requirements before you choose a security company. The best approach is to check the records of the security company you are going to work with. The training plays an essential part in making sure that your site and the valuable tools and materials will be safe from any vandalism.

Pro tip: If only one of the firm’s armed security guards will be assigned to your detail, find out about that guard’s training and background.

Background Checks Are The Most Important

If you are going to hire armed security for your construction site, we would advise you to go for a background check. Some companies are not proactively checking the background of their guards. Hence, your property could be at the risk.

Professional armed security is an excellent deterrent to thieves and a powerful way to control a volatile situation. Untrained construction site personnel are at direct risk of physical injury or worse.

While new firms and agencies, and armed security guards might have enough training to be effective, it is ideal that your assets and investments be protected by seasoned and qualified professionals. This is why we recommend you to go for a company that has retired army officers at its service. Not only are they well trained, but their professionalism is second to none.

Choose Professionalism Over Cost

Saving a few bucks and compromising professionalism is not a wise move to make. While it is understood that while you are busy with a construction project, the budget is always on a roll. However, at such a time, it is also a fact that any loss due to theft or vandalism is not affordable as well. This is the reason why you should invest some decent amount for your security so that you can get peace from the chances of a mishap.

Find the Best Armed Security for Construction Sites

If you are in the need of a good armed security company for construction sites, you should choose the reliable one and trusted in the area for its exceptional services. Yes, we are talking about Potential Security. In all of Vancouver security companies, Potential Security is counted as the most reputable and professional security company. Vancouver security companies are known for providing exceptional security services with a proactive approach and value for the money.

Your construction site does not have to be a victim of a mishap. Our professional, seasoned security personnel can walk you through the entire site-security process, guiding you along the way about the practice and procedures they would implement. For details, feel free to give us a call or book your free appointment with us. We would be more than happy to guide you about our practice. If you need a custom quote, we can also offer you that. Potential Security is all about consideration and providing the best way to safeguard yourself against all types of security threats.

7 Important Commercial Parking Lot Security Tips

If you think parking lots are not dangerous, you might be wrong. In addition to accidents and collisions, many crimes can very easily take place in parking lots if proper measures are not taken.

According to some reports, parking lots are ranked 3rd amongst places where the most violent crimes take place. Along with them, parking areas are considered the best place for vehicle theft, item theft from inside the vehicle, and whatnot. To make sure your parking lots are a safe place for everyone, we have compiled some tips that you can follow and take help from.

Add ample lighting to the parking lot

Do you think your parking lot has significant lighting? Elevators, staircases, and other areas of refuge have the highest risks of attackers or criminals hiding so make sure you have ample lighting everywhere and especially, in these areas. You should add enough illumination in the driving paths as well as pedestrian areas but don’t forget to lessen the shadows beyond these places.

However, when you are getting your lighting installed, keep in mind the transition drivers have to face between daylight and shadowed parking lots. When the parking lots are not well-lit, it mostly causes momentary blindness in the drivers which can lead to accidents. An easy way to get rid of this problem is to overlight your garages, especially the entrance so the driver does not feel much of a transition in lighting, during the day.

Mount access controls

Mounting access controls in different areas of your parking lots make them safer and assure your potential customers and clients that they are secure in your facility. You should install security booths and gates where check posts are made to identify everyone who comes in and goes out of your parking space. Along with this, you can also add hindrances in areas where you think criminals can hide such as under staircases and behind columns by using heavy fences and cement blocks. These obstacles will not only prevent criminals from hiding but also running away after committing a crime so even if anything happens, you will be able to easily catch the culprit.

Get CCTV cameras installed everywhere

Adding security cameras to your parking lots is one of the most important things to do. CCTV cameras play such a crucial role in safeguarding a place. It’s amazing how technology has transformed our lives and how just a small security camera can take you back in time to show you exactly what happened in an area at a certain time. They are far more effective than having guards patrol your area all the time because no matter what, they can’t keep their eyes everywhere. Also, security cameras are less costly than hiring patrol guards for your parking lot.

Make sure you place your cameras strategically across the garage so that your entire parking lot is covered and your video surveillance and analytics team can easily judge whatever goes on.

Hire parking lot security guards

Even though CCTV cameras record everything that goes on in the parking space but they cannot stop a crime from happening even after witnessing it. Therefore, parking lot security guards are very important to have. Make sure you hire a good amount of guards who are placed at the most vulnerable points such as the entrance and exit ways along with the other areas as well. Have a group of guards who only watch over at checkpoints while another group keeps patrolling the parking lot to see if any malicious acts are being committed anywhere. This will not only stop the crimes from happening but also scare anyone who plans to do anything even in the future.

Put up signposts everywhere

Even though putting up signs look like a very simple thing to do but their effect is great. They instantly leave an impression on people and warn them. Signage can help drivers a lot as it guides them of any dangers and tells them when they need to slow down. This simple step can prevent a lot of accidents from taking place in your parking lots. Here are some signage ideas to help you

  • Put up a sign that reminds drivers to lock their cars before leaving the garage. A lot of drivers forget to lock the car after parking which leads to item theft from vehicles but a simple reminder can drastically minimize this crime.
  • Install a sign that tells the drivers to slow down before every sharp curve. This will prevent accidents and leave a good impression on your potential customers who will know how much you value their security.
  • Put up a sign everywhere you have CCTVs installed and even in places, you don’t have a CCTV camera. The sign will warn the criminals that they are being watched even if they are not, and they will think twice before committing a crime. This hack works most of the time!

Hire a highly trained staff

Staff members play an important role in every place. You should clearly instruct your staff about the measures they need to take whenever an incident occurs. They should know exactly what to do and how to handle whatever situation that may come their way. This little measure will keep your parking lot very well-managed.

Set speed limits

Speed ​​is always a risk factor in traffic, especially in places with reduced space and with the circulation of people. Encourage users to drive at reduced speeds to ensure your parking lot security. Use speed limit signs and install speed bumps and other accessories to prevent vehicles from gaining speed.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in making your parking lot a safer place for everyone who visits your facility. If you want to hire security personnel or guards to ensure your parking lot security, all you have to do is contact Potential Security and they will have everything well-handled for you.

Who Should Hire A Personal Security Guard?

In these turbulent times, it is extremely important to take measures to protect yourself. One of the best ways to do that is by hiring a personal security guard. It is not at all a bad idea to go the extra mile to take care of yourself or your family by contracting a personal security guard. However, you might not know how to do that even when you are highly interested.

Before you begin the process, you should know a lot of things but the first thing is trust. You should trust the company you are working with. In this guide, we have compiled all the information you need to know about why you should hire a personal security guard and who is most likely to benefit from personal, professional bodyguard services.

What Does Bodyguard Services Include?

Bodyguards are highly trained professionals. They are hired to ensure that the personal security needs of individuals are taken care of. The services include:

  • Escort people to and from events
  • Perform routine security checks
  • Provide event security solutions
  • Monitor you and your belongings
  • Find secure escape routes in case of an emergency
  • Identify any possible dangers and security lapses
  • Take care of your surroundings

Not only that, but bodyguards are also helpful to have at busy media events to keep interruptions to the least possible level. Personal security guards are also proficient in multiple areas of self-defence. Unlike as shown in movies, not all personal security guards wear those tuxedos with badges. They dress like normal people but have the expertise of highly skilled professionals.

If you are wondering whether or not you should hire a personal security guard, here’s a list of people who should hire a bodyguard.

Business Executives

Business executives often find themselves in possession of large amounts of money. They are also believed to have large wealth because they are associated with big and successful corporations. They are most likely to land in scenarios from where only a bodyguard can take them out. C-suite executives, when travelling to unsecured situations, need to have a personal bodyguard with them to stay protected against unprecedented situations.

Wealthy People

Let’s face it – with great wealth comes great attention. Those who have large sums of money can be on the target list of thieves and robbers. The important thing to ponder is, that it is not always the risk of losing money, but losing life as well especially when travelling or attending large events like conferences and rallies, the risk almost doubles. These individuals might not even be aware of any particular enemies, but the fact is that having a lot of money makes one a target. A bodyguard can do a lot to help to minimize any risks.


Being a celebrity is more of a risk than a privilege. Celebrities are ideal candidates for personal protection because they are always surrounded by fans. Passionate fan devotion is something that cannot be denied. Most fans might only want a quick selfie, an autograph, or a handshake; however, such encounters may take a bad turn. Having a security guard on hand discourages overzealous fans from taking things way too far. Not just a personal security guard can provide extra security at events, concerts, meet & greets, but can pose a threat to those who have something adventurous in their minds.

Disputed People

People dealing with legal matters such as divorces, property disputes, or domestic disputes are rarely safe. There is always a huge potential for such situations to turn nasty for both parties. If you are involved in such a legal situation, hiring a bodyguard is not a bad idea as well. The bodyguard can oversee family visitations and keep a close eye on proceedings, ensuring no one feels threatened and that the peace is maintained.

International Travelers

International business trips can somehow make you vulnerable to kidnappings even when all precautions are followed. Unscrupulous characters can kidnap you for ransom or simply rob you when they seize the opportunity. Hiring a personal security guard to accompany you on your travels is the best way to counter such situations and keep the travels safe and hassle-free.

Media Personalities

Media personalities and people who get a lot of media attention are at a higher risk of finding themselves in troubling situations. Too much attention can be positive at times but things can take a bad turn quickly. Criminals look for such targets and if you enjoy media attention, you should look into hiring a personal bodyguard.

Do You Want to Hire a Bodyguard?

There are millions of reasons to hire a personal bodyguard. Doing so is the right decision if you have any concerns about your safety.

Although you do not have to be a wealthy person or a celebrity to hire a personal bodyguard, it depends on the circumstances of your life or a particular phase you are going through. Bodyguards have become more accessible and cost-effective than ever. The best thing is that your security company will work with you throughout the process of hiring to ensure your peace of mind and value for the money you are spending.

Many companies are offering personal security guard services in Vancouver. You can choose any of them. However, we would recommend you choose the one that meets your requirements and is experienced enough to be trusted for such a high-level job. Potential Security has a proven track record of working with renowned personalities. We offer customized plans according to your requirements. If you want to discuss your requirements with us, feel free to get in touch with us and talk to our friendly staff. We would be more than happy to guide you about our plans and how we would be taking you further.

For more information, speak to one of our experts today. We can’t wait to have you on board with us.

Importance of Premises Security for an Organization

We have stressed the importance of having security countless times. From Site Security to Event Security to Retail Security, Potential Security provides one of the most extended portfolios of services when it comes to security services in Vancouver.

Here, we take look at how securing the premises of an organization is like securing the most important assets of the company i.e., the employees.

Employees need a sense of security to work with complete dedication and produce the desired results. Not just the high-ranked corporate individuals, but everyone working under the roof of your premises need to enjoy top-class security. This is where hiring commercial security becomes most important.

The reasons why such security measures become so important are many, and together they provide two crucial elements: high security of the staff, and provide companies with a strategic competitive advantage. If you are looking for reasons why premises security is important for an organization, here are a few of them.

Reasons Why Commercial Security is Important

  1. Commercial security provides peace of mind
  2. Commercial security increases productivity
  3. Commercial security adds credibility to the organization
  4. Commercial security decreases employee turnover

Commercial Security Provides Peace of Mind

Just a sense that a highly experienced and discreet team of professionals is present at work to prevent unwanted situations has an immense effect on the mental health of the staff members. For staff members of the highest ranks, this is even more important. To begin with, professionals only join companies with the best security measures. Even minor incursions of privacy can have long-lasting effects on the minds of those present at the office. High-level commercial security also prevents even the most remote chances of a mishap. It becomes increasingly difficult for people with bad intentions to carry out activities that can harm the repute of the company as well as those present inside.

Commercial Security Increases Productivity

Another vital reason why commercial security is important to an organization is that it allows the employees to be truly productive. Commercial security is much more than just having security guards at the office premises. It includes everything from guards to CCTV monitoring. This is the reason why every element of the staff’s lives is logistically improved. From having their belongings safe and completely monitored to their lives safe, commercial security adds unrivalled comfort to the workstyle of the employees.

Commercial Security Adds Credibility to the Organization

In the business world, the thing that matters the most is credibility or repute. Better the repute, better the business opportunities. Let’s explain this with the help of an example. Suppose you have clients coming to your organization and if something uncertain happens, they will have reservations coming to your office again. What next is that they will prefer some other business partner that is more secure and promises a safe business experience. Things don’t end here; your organization will lose a lot of respect and credibility in the market, which can result in nothing but slow closure of the business.

Commercial Security Decreases Employee Turnover

Just like the clients, employees prefer working in a safe and secure environment. There is nothing that is above the safety of employees because they have a family to take care of and no one would want to leave their loved ones concerned for them. If the security measures are not adequate, the employees would feel no shame in moving to a better organization where the security arrangements are better. This increases the employee turnover rate, which you would agree is not better for the organization in any respect. A safe organization keeps the employees happy and motivated to continue working for a longer period. This has a positive impact on the overall success of the company where employees are loyal and the operations run smoothly.

Potential Security Understands the Reasons Why Commercial Security is Important to an Organization

The key factor that makes for the ultimate in executive protection is that the individual is barely aware that they even exist. An executive commercial security team works tirelessly around the clock, behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the life of their client, continually intelligence gathering and risk assessing to not only reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring but also to ensure that day-to-day mundane activities occur with little interruption.

The commercial security services offered by Potential Security in Vancouver are fully loaded with the right elements to offer a seamless experience to the entire organization’s staff. These are not just limited to the executive employees but everyone present at the premises. The best executive protection is unobtrusive, allowing Potential Security guards to carry out their role to the best of their ability. Such a powerful combination provides a genuine competitive edge that’s so vital in today’s competitive atmosphere. And this is where we step in to bring the best experience to you. If you want to discuss your commercial security requirements with us in complete confidentiality, feel free to book an appointment with us. We would love to provide you with a custom plan that would be according to your budget and requirements.

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Ins And Outs Of CCTV Camera Security

Security cameras are one of the best products to use in the modern era to keep an eye on your surrounding while staying inside your house. Making the best use of it still includes some expertise.

Nowadays, we see CCTV cameras installed in every office, building, commercial and residential area, and even on the streets. The increased use of CCTV cameras is due to their high proficiency in serving society. The cameras that we see installed at every corner are not just small devices. They are recorders of movements happening around and can serve in ways we may not even know.

There are many different types of CCTV cameras available in the market today. You can choose one that fits your budget and needs. However, before you buy a camera, there are certain things that you need to know.

Do you know that the most widely used CCTV security cameras come with some pros and cons? If you want to know about their advantages and disadvantages in detail, continue reading this article.


  1. Reduces crimes
  2. Records the movements around your surroundings
  3. Work as an evidence
  4. Determine reality
  5. Keep the records

Reduces Crimes

CCTV camera helps in reducing the crime rate in society. When people know that their activities are recorded and they might be prosecuted for any wrong-doings, they generally don’t dare to do anything around the CCTV Camera. This is one of the most known and appreciated benefits of CCTV Security cameras. We can trust these cameras to reduce the criminal activities in our surroundings.

Record the movements around your surroundings

CCTV cameras record the people and their movement in your surroundings. People knowing that they are being recorded is cause for enough alarm for them to make the right move only. Any suspicious activity would be caught on tape and those performing such activities could be caught at any moment. If you are thinking of uninterrupted ways to record every single movement of people crossing your house, you can install a CCTV camera as per your needs. 

Serves as an evidence

Video footage recorded on CCTV cameras works as evidence. You can connect the cameras with a computer system and get the recorded videos. This is commonly used for identifying a suspicious person or an activity that happened in the areas covered by the cameras. This

footage has legal standing and can be used in a court of law.

Determine Reality

These footages show the reality and if you are using a high-quality camera, you can zoom in and identify the culprits. You can also check the voice of the cameras to listen to the conversation and the sound of the footage. We can say when you need to determine reality, CCTV camera footage can work as an absolute resource for making things right without a doubt.

Maintains Records

CCTV camera footage can be saved and used later, as per one’s need. The recorded videos can be saved in the camera or the computer systems.

Now, let us discuss some disadvantages of CCTV cameras.

  1. Privacy is sometimes an issue
  2. It is a bit costly
  3. CCTV cameras can be vulnerable at times
  4. Cannot stop the robberies

Privacy is Compromised

There are some examples from the past where CCTV cameras have unsolved issues, especially in professional matters. There are several cases from history where workers have raised objections to be under constant supervision which is a bit exhausting at times, that too without their consent.

The complaints recorded by the employees regarding unnecessary supervision through CCTV cameras count as a demerit of the CCTV security system. No one likes to be watched all the time without their permission. Companies that have CCTV cameras installed in their workspaces need to understand that it is one of the violating rules that can make the worker leave the place and go for another opportunity. A constant eye on an employee can make you lose one.

High Costs

While artificial cameras may not be costly, the real ones cost a lot and your security expenses may increase in a blink of an eye. The prices of the security cameras depend on the qualities, features, and the number of cameras along with the monitoring systems you buy.

After purchasing the equipment, getting them installed by a professional and their maintenance after some time means additional costs. If you’re planning of installing the cameras yourself, give up this idea until you are sure that you have complete and good knowledge of wiring systems, or else you may end up damaging the cameras.

CCTV cameras can be vulnerable at times

When the users of CCTV security cameras try to stay updated on the latest security systems, they should always keep in mind that interlopers and criminals are doing the same too. A smarty and clever criminal will probably entire knowledge about the latest and u and may have figured out a way to go undetected.

Never forget that technology-oriented criminals might have undergone the technology and found out ways to disable or disconnect them from the major power source. Plus, if he notices your cameras as even fake cameras placed on the walls, they can be utterly useless in any crime prevention.

Cannot stop the robberies

The basic purpose of the security cameras is to enable users to record footage for later use and to help stop criminals, and to receive justice from the law. You should always keep in mind that these cameras cannot stop a crime when it is in progress. Cameras are not capable of alerting neighbours or calling the police instantly as an alarm system would.

That being said, these devices still provide peace of mind and comfort that you are being protected by a pair of watchful eyes that can identify any intruders making it easy for law enforcement agencies to take action.

6 Workplace Violence Prevention Tips


The worst thing about violence is that it is not bound to gender. Male, female, or trans, violence has become a norm today. We kill our talent by supporting violence.

Now, if you are wondering what does supporting violence mean? It means watching violence and not doing anything to stop it. Victims of violence including domestic, physical, or mental violence, lose their trust in humanity.

If you have been witnessing violence at your workplace or are a victim of violence, here is what you should do.

Pay Attention to the Initial Signs

Pay more attention to the initial signs of violence that may result in a violent situation. Whenever you feel like there is a person or a group of people who are provoking violence and can disturb the environment, make sure you report it. If you do not stop the initial signs of increasing violence in your workplace, you would experience some major negative results in the future.

If you have figured out the initial signs, it is time for you to take precautionary measures. Start by giving warnings to people who are causing violence. If it doesn’t work then, expel people. Such an approach will not only keep the environment safe but will also work as an example for other people to follow.

Promote Respect and harmony

One of the fastest ways of eliminating violence from your workplace is to increase interaction and promote an environment that is conducive to teamwork among employees. People should be aware of who they are working with and this is only possible when they communicate.

Make your employees be friends with each other and know each other. When they will be friends and help each other, there will be 0% chances of violence in your workspace.

Inspire Your Employees to Take Distinct Differences

Changes in personalities or leadership style differences exist in every workplace. If left unresolved, these issues could result in job displeasure or depression, and even violence including domestic and mental. Constant issues of violence may result in high turnover and cultural problems for your organization. Help negate conflict by organizing activities to help the team in getting to know each other and accept the personality differences as positive attributes.

After people accept that they are different from others and have different personality traits, their sense of generating violence in the workplace will automatically decrease. People do not like to harm their friends on purpose, so from the time you start your workplace, make sure that the people working there become your friends.

Start a strict anti-violence act

Stop workplace violence by making strict policies that encourage your employees to complain about violent, harassing behaviours, degrading, and any other sign of danger that can make the company a place of violence. Such policies play a major role in removing undesirable employee behaviour and leaves no space for favouritism amongst employees.

Managers must apply the mentioned Anti-violence rules and consistent punishment for people spreading violence no matter who violates the policy. Make sure all of your employees are well aware of the significances of violating the policy rules. The strict rules and stance will help to show your workplace’s commitment to eliminating elements that cause violence.

Here are few points that you should never neglect, as it may cause violence amongst employees:

  1. Equal leaves
  2. Equal increments and bonuses
  3. Equal involvement in the official matters
  4. Equal rights in terms of policies
  5. Providing equal promotion opportunities

Give Warning Signs with Extreme Results

You should never ignore a single sign of violence. No matter how close an employee is to you, never ignore a single sign that can courage violence. Give your employees warnings along with the indications of worst results. Show them examples of what can happen if anyone is found guilty in the case. Tell your employees about the consequences that can happen to the culprits. Tell them that they are highly supervised and always monitored by the higher authorities.

Make sure that your employees are well aware of what can happen if things ever go wrong. Make and apply strict policies with no concessions regardless of the positions of the senior and junior employees.

Install CCTV cameras

The above tips were majorly about the inside environment of the organization. However, the risk of outside violence is always there, especially if your office is in an area with a higher crime rate. Installing CCTV Cameras is the best way to prevent such violence from internal and external factors. While it keeps the chances of violence at the lowest level, it can also help in the identification of the culprits.

You will witness a significant decrease in the violence ratio of your workplace after applying the mentioned points. All supervisors and CEOs should keep an eye on their workplace and the environment regardless of how busy they are. Sometimes innocent victims are too scared to complain. If you need help regarding the installation of CCTV cameras in your workplace, you know you can bank on Potential Security all the time.

Business Assets to Protect by Working with a Private Guard Services Company

Every business has its value and is worth more than the products as well as the services that it offers. All successful companies are successful because they have invested in various valuable resources. e.g. human resources, expensive equipment, financial data, and technologies.

Now when you have reached the point where there is an immense need for your resources to be secured, you need to hire a private guard services company and ensure your business assets’ safety.

At this point, you need to be aware of hiring a private, armed security company, such as Potential Security, to safeguard your business assets.

Your business assets need protection because:

Reduce Cybercrime Risk

In recent times, cybercrime has become a common risk factor for huge businesses especially, if you conduct operations and maintain all your company records online. Then you become the target of cybercrime. This act may be committed by someone inside your company or an outsider who could be a business rival.

If you want to secure your business assets from cybercrime, then immediately hire a private guard services company, like Potential Security (Canada), which will carry out 24/7 monitoring, and protection of your systems to reduce cybercrime risk.

Prevent your Company from Crimes Against Property

There has been an increase in theft cases reported along with robberies as well as deceptions in established businesses these days. These crimes may not only result in loss of property but also loss of good business reputation.

Hiring a private guard services company, e.g. Potential Security (Canada), would be a great idea as their highly trained security guards would detect crimes, and would also stop them from becoming prominent issues.

In-house Theft

In-house theft could be in the form of corruption when employees who have certain huge affairs of the company in their hands misuse their authority by stealing or embezzling money or any other company`s property.

You may hire them by inquiring about their previous professional reputation, but you never know at what point someone may deceive you.

While you can’t always judge a book by its cover, what you can do is hire a professional private guard services company, such as Potential Security in Canada, and they will make sure that your assets are protected.

The professional security provider would install scrutiny cameras and would monitor them 24/7 to keep an eye on all activities taking place within the office premises.

Insurance Against Defacement

All business properties are susceptible to defacing. Regardless of whether your office building is situated in a high-risk area, a historical location, or a suburb, vandals can deface your property easily. They can perpetuate the crime for various reasons, including rebuffing a business or industry, communicating disappointment, conveying an ideology or political convictions, showing creative abilities, or communicating disdain.

Having the correct security framework set up can keep these demonstrations from occurring in your work environment can help in identifying the culprits so your organization can get equity.

Crime can happen anywhere however one compelling approach to managing increasing rates is to employ fully equipped guards. These specialists deflect thieves and vandals to secure your business assets.

What Business Assets You Need to Protect & Hire Private Guard Services Company For

Money is the topmost asset you need to protect when you’re running a huge business because you might lose the record of it when in abundance. Moreover, it is the most attractive motivator for criminals to conduct crimes.

Expensive Equipment and Electronics

Your business may revolve around high-value resources such as electronics, jewellery, and expensive equipment. They all need to be secured by armed guards scattered inside your office premises.

These valuable goods attract robbers and thieves the most, and they plot for it and it may bring your life in danger.

Secure your VIPS

Your office environment also needs to be secured including, your staff, VIPS, and business executives, etc. There is always the risk of them being kidnapped for taking confidential information out of them. This may be an act conducted by your business rivals, so you need to be alert.

Hire well-armed security, and save your assets and protect your business from those who are aware of all secrets of your business.

Increasing Business Shootings

Recently, there has been an increase in school and business shootings which need to be prevented at any cost. This requires armed security to ensure safety and peace of mind for students and workers.

So, now that you are aware of all the major business assets which you need to secure from your rivals or sometimes from your employees, here’s what you can do.

Let this be handled well by working with a private guard services company.

You can contact Potential Security, which is one of the leading security companies in Canada and get your business assets secured by a reliable security agency.

8 Things To Know Before Hiring A Security Guard

Hiring a private security guard to ensure excessive safety, and security has become common these days, but are you choosing the right person to guard you or not? This can be hard to assure sometimes. One needs to be very careful while making this choice because it is a crucial decision to take.

If you are willing to hire a security guard or a group of guards, focus upon these factors while hiring:

  1. Identify your needs
  2. Have a detailed discussion, and ask many questions
  3. Ensure punctuality and activeness
  4. Should have 5 to 7 years experience
  5. The minimum wage rate of the country
  6. Make them familiar with family and friends
  7. Major focus upon principal Job
  8. Treat them with respect

Identify your needs

It depends that what you need to hire the guard for. You may need one security guard in your home, or office. In that case, you will need to inquire about his background and the rest of the relevant details.

When you want to hire more than one guard for a business setup or an office setup, then you will have to search for the most reliable private firm, such as Potential Security, to provide you with the best security. 

On the other hand, when you are hiring security guards for a house or personal detail, then it is better to choose any small, but reliable agency so that your entire family can coordinate with representatives of that specific firm that will result in the development of a personal and long-lasting relationship.

You can also take help from your near ones that can be close friends or relatives who can be trusted and are well aware of the job of a guard. While when you will be hiring a guard or a group of guards, one thing which is most important to develop is, trust.

Have a detailed discussion, and ask many questions

When hiring an agency or a guard, have a detailed discussion with them, and be open about your concerns.

You should ask them as many questions as you can, and fully explore all available options. Ask about their experience, religious views, social issues, their attitude, and temper, etc, to have a deeper idea of their capabilities.

Additionally, always check the background of the person, or the agency when you are in the process of hiring.

Ensure punctuality and activeness

A security guard`s job is not an easy one and requires full concentration as one will have to stay alert all the time. Make sure that when you are hiring a guard, he must be sharp, and should be active all the time.

Also, the security guard needs to be punctual, because even a second’s delay can harm your safety whether it is the security of your house, office, or your own life!

The same is the case when you hire an agency. Make sure that all guards in the group should have these qualities, and they all should be tested individually.

If you are hiring a guard for your residence, then do provide him with a comfortable seating chair, and a designated post where he can comfortably sit to stay alert, and active.

It is more preferable to hire a person who lives nearby so that he can be punctual, and be there on time, each day.

There are certain things you should discuss with the guard beforehand, such as, how many leaves he will take in a month, will the guard provide any reliable substitute if he won`t be able to come in case of an emergency.

If it’s an agency, will the agency be providing you with the alternative if a guard or several guards will be absent?

Should have 5 to 7 years experience

Security guards do not have the margin of a single error, because one error can result in a bad incident. This perfection can only come when the guard is experienced and would be used to handling such situations.

So, your security guard should have at least 5 to 7 years of experience in the relevant field to provide you best protection, ensuring your complete security.

Additionally, it is better if they know driving so that you can take them along everywhere, even when your driver is on leave, or they can drive you home in case of an emergency.

One important thing to be sure of is that your guard should know how to use a gun or any other weapon to maximize your security and let people know that it is not easy to harm you.

Moreover, the age of your security guard should be above 35, and below 45, and should be medically fit.

The minimum wage rate of the country

Depending upon for what purpose you are hiring a security guard, the salary will vary. For example, if you are hiring a retired armed forces guard then it will be costly in comparison to a civilian security guard.

Make sure that the salary of your guard is better than the minimum wage rate of the country. This will keep your guard loyal to you, and no one will ever be able to bribe him.

Make them familiar with family and friends

Your guard should know your near ones by face as well as by their identity so that no unknown person can enter the premises of your house or office without proper checking.

The weapon they are provided with should be handled with care and should be kept safely to avoid any mishap.

Major focus upon principal Job

The security guards should not be indulged in doing grocery, household, washing, cleaning, or any such responsibilities which do not fall in the list of their tasks.

They should not be over-burdened, and their major focus should be entirely upon ensuring the safety of the house, and its members. The same goes for an office or a business setup guard.

They should focus on their assigned tasks, and that is it.

Treat them with respect

Lastly, always respect your security guards because they are risking their lives for you by securing you, and nothing envious regarding you should come to their mind.

Hence, be on good terms with them, be friendly, and give them respect, along with appreciation.

If you want to get reliable security services, then you should make Potential Security your number one choice!

Top Reasons For Hiring A Security Guard

If you want to live a stress and harmonious free life, it is essential to have ample security and protection. Just because of the growing crime rates, most of the people opt for security services in their home and work premises. Security guards are employed to secure and protect people, homes and offices. There are several security companies that give such services. These security guards Vancouver are well trained and physically fit in many aspects.

Responsibilities and Roles of Security Services

The security guards play a number of duties and some of the major responsibilities. Guards are employed in corporate industries and offices with the aim of providing protection to both the employees as well as the office premises. These security guards are required to keep track of the number of people who enter and leave the office, the time of arrival and departure, the reason of visit and so on. All these details must be recorded in a ledger. The security services also bear the responsibility of protecting important official documents present in the corporate offices.

Many security services use metal detectors to check visitors and prevent them from carrying weapons in the premises of buildings and offices. Some of the security guards are unarmed whereas some of them are armed. Workers can choose guards according to their individual needs and requirements. Close surveillance is another essential responsibility of the security services. They keep close watch on places and people, thereby preventing illegal activities and problems.

Here are some reasons why it is essential to have a security guard for the protection of your family and premises:

Prevention against possible dangerous routes

To evaluate safety route security guards Vancouver are professionally trained. They know each and everything about all the potentially dangerous areas of a city and can guide you accordingly.Therefore, a security guard will keep you and your family safe by taking you along extremely safe routes. Moreover, they warn you about dangerous areas nearby your current location.

Secure against physical harm

Security guards are professionally trained and well skilled in protective services. They can quickly use their self defense, first aid and weapons when the emergency strikes according to the requirements of the situation. Therefore, you will always need a helper under any kind of physical danger and injury.

Prevention against dangerous people

You never know  the motives of a stranger coming towards you. They could be criminals or robbers. In the training of security services, safety guards are trained to predict people’s actions by understanding their psychology very fast.

Personal assistance

By helping you with attending calls or sending important emails, security guards can also become your personal assistant. They are well trained in communication and other important skills to help their clients in the best possible ways.

At Potential Security we give you the best and properly trained security guards Vancouver. We will not just secure and protect your business but we will also make sure that your workers are safe. To get the best security services, Visit our website or contact us to know more about our security services.

Security Guards Vancouver

Construction Site Security Services

To avoid crime these days, security in itself is a strong way. If you have security guards in Vancouver then you don’t need to worry about anything as it will enhance the protection of your home, your employees. The security guards Vancouver decrease the chances of robbery and other crimes at your premises.

The security guards Vancouver prevents your property from all the crimes, theft, and other things. They are professionally trained and experienced. They will easily get to know each and everything happening around that particular area. You don’t need to worry about anything when you hire security guards for your property and business security. The security guards are well trained and have years of experience to handle all the situations easily. The security guard plays an extensive role in ensuring your protection as well as the peaceful functioning of society.

Potential Security will not just secure and protect your business but they will also make sure that your workers are safe. You can be relaxed and confident knowing that the company will manage all the treats and emergencies if you hire the right security guard company. The security guards Vancouver manage robbery, fire, and other security threats by not hurting anybody present there.

They give customer service. Security guards secure your business as well as give basic customer services. For instance, they escort customers to their places and can help them to find products and departments. Aside from this, to make sure that they fulfill the requirements of your customers and the workers, they can be concerned about the facilities of your property. By this, you can save your time, money, and energy on hiring the extra staff to manage all these situations and responsibilities.

Security guards in Vancouver will protect you in several ways:

  • Can detect fires and all other emergencies
  • Discourages trespassers, theft, and vandalism
  • Gives a secured and safe workplace environment
  • If they see any insecure situations like water leaks or power outages, they alert you
  • They immediately notify the local law enforcement or any other emergency services when harmful situations occur.

All the security guards Vancouver has knowledge regarding the security system and is well equipped. They give security in both commercial and residential areas. In addition to this, they work professionally and give their best to protect your property. Security guards play an essential role in managing the violations happening on the premises. They can take action against people who make violence and misbehave. Moreover, they keep the discipline and order at your workplace. They also take care of each and everything in your workplace and make you feel safe. Additionally, they make sure that everyone follows all the rules and regulations in your workplace.

You must go for a potential security company if you are planning to increase your business security by hiring security guards. We give the best well trained and experienced security guard who fits according to your business requirements. Moreover, we give security to the government, private and commercial clients all over British Columbia. We also monitor everything because these days every business needs security. Contact us today!

Professional Security Services Are In Great Demand For Many Businesses

Vancouver Security Guard Companies

Nowadays, for many businesses, professional security services play an important role. Whether as a client, or as an employee, anyone involved in the regular work of the company, so it is important to have security services. If you have a big business and a large number of employees then there is a need for security in your business. Security can have a great and positive impact on profits and productivity. Your customers and employees feel confident when you hire security services Vancouver as these services protect your location and secure your business.

An extra level of protection is added to your building and business with the help of professional security services. These days there are many people who believe in electronic security but no one can replace trained security officers and guards. Moreover, to manage potentially dangerous situations, professional security guards have a deterrent approach. An experienced and professionally trained security officer stops and defuses all the difficult situations before it increases into uncontrollable events.

The professional security guards and officers are very well educated and communicate well with all the people and staff members. Everyone knows that communication plays an important role when it comes to handling the situation effectively and efficiently. They are aware of the current state and all other locations that you want to protect. Security guards can help and calm people and are first responders to any situation happening on your premises. They give their best and give information to the authorities.

Importance of Professional Security Services

  • To your property or business, professional security services Vancouver adds an extra layer of protection. Unlike a remote, security camera systems have training and insight that are really helpful for securing your premises and other properties.


  • Professional security services use surveillance technologies and advanced AI software to increase their capabilities. They give their best to protect your property. The advanced technologies capture all the crime and alert security guards.


  • Additionally, with staff members, team members, and on-site security personnel, professional security services communicate well. This is because communication is one of the most essential features of security. Due to the significance of relaying and absorbing data in potentially harmful events.

Potential Security has security guards who are well trained to world-class security standards. Our security officers and guards are well trained in decision making, carry impeccable communication skills, and are physically fit. We give security services to all the clients from the government, local, and private. Potential Security covers a large area by giving the best security guard services and it is a leading security guard company all over British Colombia. We give professional security services in Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, and many other locations.


If you are in need of professional security Guard services in Vancouver contact Potential Security Services. We monitor everything because these days every business needs security. We give quality services to several industries. We have well-trained security guards and all are licensed professionals. We customize our security services to suit your needs. We provide all types of security services like event services, guard services, and mobile services.