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Your Complete Guide to Alarm Monitoring

The security market is constantly evolving at the same pace as technology. There is no way, in the middle of 2021, to dissociate one from the other. The equipment used for security, surveillance and monitoring is the most modern and great allies to collaborate and facilitate the work. Investing in alarm monitoring services has become a necessity today. Find out how the system works and how alarm monitoring can ensure your safety.

What is alarm monitoring?

This monitoring technology has extremely fast communication that offers an effective relationship with the security system and the monitoring centre of this service. Your control panel will record emergency events and send signals to the monitoring centre; the company will notify you along with the appropriate authority under any circumstances.

The technological functionalities of security companies may be slightly different; however, alarm monitoring ideals are identical across all security systems. The system’s control centre is located in the sensor network, which may include window or door alarm devices, motion detectors, tamper sensors on telephone devices or dedicated detectors to recognize potential problems related to tragedies such as smoke, fire, floods etc.

When the system is armed and any of these sensors are triggered, it sends a signal to the central station via a telephone line. Additionally, some alarm monitoring systems offer other forms of transmission and backup.

Practical functionality

Your control panel’s first reaction will alert your monitoring team directly from the centre then they will call you to inform and confirm the situation to see if it is a real emergency or a false trigger. If you are unable to respond, the alarm monitoring centre triggers immediate contact with the competent authorities to send an emergency team to your address.

Many security systems provide other features, such as instant alerts that don’t rely on acknowledgement calls or alerts that inhibit intruders’ perception and deny them the opportunity to shut down the system before sending follow-up signals.

Important information is sent by the security system to the alarm monitoring centre, including the account ID (used to access your address and contact information) and the type of sensor triggered. It is worth emphasizing again that the alarm panel is an item that you should pay special attention to when choosing a security system, as it can act as a “smart centre”. It collects the information transmitted by all built-in features and programs of the security system. In other words, this device is the core of your device concentration.

In terms of effectiveness, the biggest advantage of this product is 24-hour monitoring. Using this model, security can be shared with third-party companies that track alarm system records. The monitored siren has sensors to detect suspicious intrusions: a siren that emits an alarm sound, a panel that activates the siren and sends the signal to the monitoring centre and a means of communication (telephone line, Ethernet or GPRS) to generate the dashboard. The signal is transmitted to the owner of the property.

There is also the possibility to share full time with security companies, users can also check the status of the exchange and receive updated notifications about events, enable/disable alarms and access reports through applications installed on their phones.

It is possible to manage items such as low battery and activation of an alarm trigger (emergency function) through the app when any threat is found.

Unmonitored alarms

With an unmonitored control panel, you are responsible for system security. When activated by the sensor, the control panel will sound an alarm if there is damage or intrusion. However, the owner is responsible for verifying the notification and can take appropriate action.

As most people do not have the professional competence to carry out prompt response actions or even technical knowledge about the devices, using an unmonitored alarm system can become a “shot in the foot”, as its efficiency will be affected in emergencies.

Benefits of alarm monitoring services

Here is a list of some of the many benefits you will get by using alarm monitoring.

  1. Availability: As the customer is not available all the time, one of the great advantages of investing in monitoring is that the service starts taking action immediately when there is a sign of invasion or a request for help. The monitoring centre works 24 hours a day and has contingency structures to avoid interruptions, even with a power outage. Companies with a quality seal ensure that the structure and procedures are adequate.
  2. Autonomy and mobility: The autonomy of the alarm is related to the battery, which is used in case of temporary power failure. Furthermore, the wireless sensors are energy efficient and come into action only when the alarm is activated, saving the battery during deactivation.
  3. Security: The alarm is noticeable to intruders – due to the signs indicating the monitored location, the sensors and the siren, which is activated when someone enters without disabling it. With this, the bandit avoids entering places that can trigger the siren and that will notify those responsible and authorities. In addition, detecting an invasion and notifying the occurrence allows the action to be taken quickly, avoiding losses.
  4. No works and no wiring: Most advanced alarm equipment uses no wiring – except for power, and in some cases for communication. With this, it is not necessary to invest in piping works or give up the good appearance of the exposed wiring site. Maintenance is faster and with less hassle, as there is no need to move furniture to access the wiring.

Hire a specialized company for alarm monitoring service in Vancouver Canada

Monitoring alarms throughout the day is a basic service provided by several companies specializing in security, such as Potential Security Canada. For more specific information about the service and monitoring details, contact their representatives on the website. They will guide you about the procedure in detail as well as come up with the best solutions that fit your budget.