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Things to do if you receive a threat

Many times, we find ourselves surrounded by threats and danger when we have no idea how to protect ourselves. The world is now full of crime, whether virtual or physical and a lot of people often fall victim to it. On the other hand, impunity in this environment is extremely worrying, as it is often not even known who the person behind the threats is. As a result, those who are offended are left without knowing what action to take, even in the face of a very serious threat.

However, many security services are stepping ahead today to help the victims continue their lives without the constant stress. Here is a list of things you should immediately do when you find yourself in a dangerous situation or witness a threat.

Try to identify the offender/threatener:

Gather as much evidence as possible: save the screenshot (print screen) or record the threats and offences, the link to the website where the event occurred, save it on a USB stick or CD, and if possible, print it out. If you print, the documents must have “public faith” recognized at any local registry (this will attest to the veracity of this documentation). Such evidence can be useful if an investigation or criminal prosecution is opened.

Go to the police station and make a police report:

Go to the nearest police station (in some cities, police stations are often specializing in different crimes), in possession of all the documentation you managed to gather and make a police report. The delegate will confirm the existence (or not) of the crime. If you know who it is, provide evidence to prove its authorship. If not, an investigation will be opened to find the suspect.

As has been seen, the record of so-called “crimes of passion” in the country is growing every day. Therefore, if you are a woman and have been threatened/offended by your partner or ex-partner, go to the police station specializing in women’s care, and if possible, also request an urgent protective measure. If you feel like the police are not helpful enough, buckle up and hook yourself up with a trustworthy security service provider- nothing comes before your safety!

Follow the case:

As the crimes in question are “private” try to follow the case, as you are the offended person and the main interest in the progress of the investigations. Be sure to report! Until being a victim, everyone feels protected!

These are the first three and most essential steps you should take. However, an open investigation of threats might put you or your residence at risk. If you feel like that is happening, here is another list that will tell you what to do:

Install a secure lock!

As practice shows, about 73% of home robberies happen through forced entry through the front door. Therefore, good quality and secure locks will considerably reduce the chances of being surprised by criminals. Threateners can force the locks on the pins much more easily. The lock, on the other hand, is much more difficult to perpetrate. The ideal way to protect your home from intrusion is by combining a bumping lock and a Chubb detector lock. Some blocks break into several parts if you try to force them open. In this case, the interior of the house can only be accessed by removing the door.

Practice pretend goodbyes!

Imagine the following situation: you leave the house and no one remains there. When he is walking, on the other side of the street, he sees a suspicious person. Possibly that person is just waiting for you to leave the house to get into your house and find something that might help them with their threats. So don’t be ashamed: turn to the house and wave your hand as if you were saying goodbye to someone. In this way, you will create the illusion that there are people in the house. This might feel a little weird in the beginning, but it works every time. The criminal will suddenly feel under pressure and might as well change his decision of breaking into the house.

Do not share your personal information on the phone!

You might think this is just an exaggeration but criminals usually tap your phone and then everything you say on calls is registered to them. Be suspicious if you frequently receive strange phone calls, inquiries about your home or customs, work hours, or people who live with you. This is one of the favourite methods used by criminals. They try to lure you into giving your information for made-up offers of cash prizes and gift schemes. In this way, they discover more details about the house’s routine and the most appropriate time to commit a crime or even just make empty threats; either way, you will find yourself being anxious at all times. The uncertainty of what will happen next is the worst!

These are just some very basic things to do if you face a threat. They will not guarantee your safety. If you want assurance of your safety, you need to take proper measures like hiring a security team. Potential security is now offering all kinds of security services that will guarantee your protection at all times. If you think you are in great danger, it might be the right time to hire a security guard and feel a bit stress-free!