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Ins And Outs Of CCTV Camera Security

Security cameras are one of the best products to use in the modern era to keep an eye on your surrounding while staying inside your house. Making the best use of it still includes some expertise.

Nowadays, we see CCTV cameras installed in every office, building, commercial and residential area, and even on the streets. The increased use of CCTV cameras is due to their high proficiency in serving society. The cameras that we see installed at every corner are not just small devices. They are recorders of movements happening around and can serve in ways we may not even know.

There are many different types of CCTV cameras available in the market today. You can choose one that fits your budget and needs. However, before you buy a camera, there are certain things that you need to know.

Do you know that the most widely used CCTV security cameras come with some pros and cons? If you want to know about their advantages and disadvantages in detail, continue reading this article.


  1. Reduces crimes
  2. Records the movements around your surroundings
  3. Work as an evidence
  4. Determine reality
  5. Keep the records

Reduces Crimes

CCTV camera helps in reducing the crime rate in society. When people know that their activities are recorded and they might be prosecuted for any wrong-doings, they generally don’t dare to do anything around the CCTV Camera. This is one of the most known and appreciated benefits of CCTV Security cameras. We can trust these cameras to reduce the criminal activities in our surroundings.

Record the movements around your surroundings

CCTV cameras record the people and their movement in your surroundings. People knowing that they are being recorded is cause for enough alarm for them to make the right move only. Any suspicious activity would be caught on tape and those performing such activities could be caught at any moment. If you are thinking of uninterrupted ways to record every single movement of people crossing your house, you can install a CCTV camera as per your needs. 

Serves as an evidence

Video footage recorded on CCTV cameras works as evidence. You can connect the cameras with a computer system and get the recorded videos. This is commonly used for identifying a suspicious person or an activity that happened in the areas covered by the cameras. This

footage has legal standing and can be used in a court of law.

Determine Reality

These footages show the reality and if you are using a high-quality camera, you can zoom in and identify the culprits. You can also check the voice of the cameras to listen to the conversation and the sound of the footage. We can say when you need to determine reality, CCTV camera footage can work as an absolute resource for making things right without a doubt.

Maintains Records

CCTV camera footage can be saved and used later, as per one’s need. The recorded videos can be saved in the camera or the computer systems.

Now, let us discuss some disadvantages of CCTV cameras.

  1. Privacy is sometimes an issue
  2. It is a bit costly
  3. CCTV cameras can be vulnerable at times
  4. Cannot stop the robberies

Privacy is Compromised

There are some examples from the past where CCTV cameras have unsolved issues, especially in professional matters. There are several cases from history where workers have raised objections to be under constant supervision which is a bit exhausting at times, that too without their consent.

The complaints recorded by the employees regarding unnecessary supervision through CCTV cameras count as a demerit of the CCTV security system. No one likes to be watched all the time without their permission. Companies that have CCTV cameras installed in their workspaces need to understand that it is one of the violating rules that can make the worker leave the place and go for another opportunity. A constant eye on an employee can make you lose one.

High Costs

While artificial cameras may not be costly, the real ones cost a lot and your security expenses may increase in a blink of an eye. The prices of the security cameras depend on the qualities, features, and the number of cameras along with the monitoring systems you buy.

After purchasing the equipment, getting them installed by a professional and their maintenance after some time means additional costs. If you’re planning of installing the cameras yourself, give up this idea until you are sure that you have complete and good knowledge of wiring systems, or else you may end up damaging the cameras.

CCTV cameras can be vulnerable at times

When the users of CCTV security cameras try to stay updated on the latest security systems, they should always keep in mind that interlopers and criminals are doing the same too. A smarty and clever criminal will probably entire knowledge about the latest and u and may have figured out a way to go undetected.

Never forget that technology-oriented criminals might have undergone the technology and found out ways to disable or disconnect them from the major power source. Plus, if he notices your cameras as even fake cameras placed on the walls, they can be utterly useless in any crime prevention.

Cannot stop the robberies

The basic purpose of the security cameras is to enable users to record footage for later use and to help stop criminals, and to receive justice from the law. You should always keep in mind that these cameras cannot stop a crime when it is in progress. Cameras are not capable of alerting neighbours or calling the police instantly as an alarm system would.

That being said, these devices still provide peace of mind and comfort that you are being protected by a pair of watchful eyes that can identify any intruders making it easy for law enforcement agencies to take action.