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Holiday Weekend Events in Vancouver

Holidays are everyone’s favourite part of the year and we all try to make the most out of them, in our different ways. Some people like to travel across the country while others like exploring different countries, and then of course there is our introvert gang that loves staying home. With the COVID-19 situation getting better, all the social butterflies are on the lookout for weekend getaways with their loved ones. If you are also one of those people and plan on spending the next few holidays in Vancouver, here are some amazing upcoming events that might interest you.

  1. Art festivals ‘CREATE!’

CREATE is an Arts Festival launched by Eastside Arts Society. This event is held annually and is now taking place at Woodland Park along with some other Eastside studios on the 21st and 22nd of August. CREATE is planned to rewire the local communities together that went into isolation because of the pandemic. The main aim of such events is to explore more local talent with the help of art workshops held by local artists. The workshops offer many categories such as jewellery making, printing, painting, and a lot more of such fun activities. There are different workshops for adults and kids and you can register yourself according to your age. If you think the artist inside you needs a push, it’s just the right time to enrol yourself!

2. Odlum Brown Fort Langley Jazz and Arts Festival

It is another Artfest that is extremely excited to host you from 2nd September to 5th September. There will be live shows as well as ticketed performances every evening. The tickets are currently being sold on their webpage that you can go check out. The art director of the festival has been reported to say there will be amazing online as well as live shows for the audience to indulge in. Sounds super exciting, right? If the jazz music fan inside you is jumping up and down like a happy 5 years old, you know this is ‘The Event’ for you and you don’t want to miss it out. Head over to their website now and book yourself a place as soon as possible.

3. The Outdoor Adventure and Travel show

The show is taking place from Saturday, 5th March to 6th March in 2022 in Vancouver. The two-day Outdoor Adventure and Travel show is undoubtedly one of the largest events in Canada and a total treat for travel lovers. Counsellors from many different recreational activities take part in the event to showcase their services and articulately crafted products. The outdoor Adventure and travel show has seven different categories that include travelling, camping, biking zones, adventures, marathons and triathlons, and many other sports as well. In addition to that, it offers an amazing shopping experience too with pretend outdoors, communicative features, as well as educational opportunities. Awesome slideshows that contain exciting stories from avid travellers and campers are also played for you to enjoy and relax. The incredible stories take your breath away, sometimes. If you are interested, book your tickets now because they run out of slots pretty fast!

4. Weekend in Vancouver: An Extraordinary Saturday!

Have breakfast at the hotel and then head to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Be sure to explore every aspect of the park. There is the Royal Bridge, but also a series of walkways called Treetop Adventure and Canyon Cliff Walk, which are canyon hanging walkways over the flowing river below. An alternative option for Capilano is Lynn Canyon Park, a free park in North Vancouver that features a mini-suspension bridge, as well as hiking trails and swimming pools.

On your return to downtown Vancouver, spend some time at Stanley Park and Seawall. You can also take the hotel’s free bikes to explore here too. Enjoy dinner at the hotel in La Pentola (or if you like sushi, check out the nearby Minami) and head out for a night out in Yaletown or travel to the up-and-coming Strathcona neighbourhood to check out the brewery at Strathcona Beer Company, where pizza is a great late-night meal.

However, all of this is only possible if you feel safe and well-secured everywhere you go. You need to make sure that your anxiety of danger doesn’t follow you around on your holidays in Vancouver. If you think any of the events are not fully secured, you can contact Potential Security Canada to get event security. They will provide full-fledged security services to the event and you will be guaranteed your safety. The highly-trained security professionals at Potential Security are well equipped for their job!