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7 Important Commercial Parking Lot Security Tips

If you think parking lots are not dangerous, you might be wrong. In addition to accidents and collisions, many crimes can very easily take place in parking lots if proper measures are not taken.

According to some reports, parking lots are ranked 3rd amongst places where the most violent crimes take place. Along with them, parking areas are considered the best place for vehicle theft, item theft from inside the vehicle, and whatnot. To make sure your parking lots are a safe place for everyone, we have compiled some tips that you can follow and take help from.

Add ample lighting to the parking lot

Do you think your parking lot has significant lighting? Elevators, staircases, and other areas of refuge have the highest risks of attackers or criminals hiding so make sure you have ample lighting everywhere and especially, in these areas. You should add enough illumination in the driving paths as well as pedestrian areas but don’t forget to lessen the shadows beyond these places.

However, when you are getting your lighting installed, keep in mind the transition drivers have to face between daylight and shadowed parking lots. When the parking lots are not well-lit, it mostly causes momentary blindness in the drivers which can lead to accidents. An easy way to get rid of this problem is to overlight your garages, especially the entrance so the driver does not feel much of a transition in lighting, during the day.

Mount access controls

Mounting access controls in different areas of your parking lots make them safer and assure your potential customers and clients that they are secure in your facility. You should install security booths and gates where check posts are made to identify everyone who comes in and goes out of your parking space. Along with this, you can also add hindrances in areas where you think criminals can hide such as under staircases and behind columns by using heavy fences and cement blocks. These obstacles will not only prevent criminals from hiding but also running away after committing a crime so even if anything happens, you will be able to easily catch the culprit.

Get CCTV cameras installed everywhere

Adding security cameras to your parking lots is one of the most important things to do. CCTV cameras play such a crucial role in safeguarding a place. It’s amazing how technology has transformed our lives and how just a small security camera can take you back in time to show you exactly what happened in an area at a certain time. They are far more effective than having guards patrol your area all the time because no matter what, they can’t keep their eyes everywhere. Also, security cameras are less costly than hiring patrol guards for your parking lot.

Make sure you place your cameras strategically across the garage so that your entire parking lot is covered and your video surveillance and analytics team can easily judge whatever goes on.

Hire parking lot security guards

Even though CCTV cameras record everything that goes on in the parking space but they cannot stop a crime from happening even after witnessing it. Therefore, parking lot security guards are very important to have. Make sure you hire a good amount of guards who are placed at the most vulnerable points such as the entrance and exit ways along with the other areas as well. Have a group of guards who only watch over at checkpoints while another group keeps patrolling the parking lot to see if any malicious acts are being committed anywhere. This will not only stop the crimes from happening but also scare anyone who plans to do anything even in the future.

Put up signposts everywhere

Even though putting up signs look like a very simple thing to do but their effect is great. They instantly leave an impression on people and warn them. Signage can help drivers a lot as it guides them of any dangers and tells them when they need to slow down. This simple step can prevent a lot of accidents from taking place in your parking lots. Here are some signage ideas to help you

  • Put up a sign that reminds drivers to lock their cars before leaving the garage. A lot of drivers forget to lock the car after parking which leads to item theft from vehicles but a simple reminder can drastically minimize this crime.
  • Install a sign that tells the drivers to slow down before every sharp curve. This will prevent accidents and leave a good impression on your potential customers who will know how much you value their security.
  • Put up a sign everywhere you have CCTVs installed and even in places, you don’t have a CCTV camera. The sign will warn the criminals that they are being watched even if they are not, and they will think twice before committing a crime. This hack works most of the time!

Hire a highly trained staff

Staff members play an important role in every place. You should clearly instruct your staff about the measures they need to take whenever an incident occurs. They should know exactly what to do and how to handle whatever situation that may come their way. This little measure will keep your parking lot very well-managed.

Set speed limits

Speed ​​is always a risk factor in traffic, especially in places with reduced space and with the circulation of people. Encourage users to drive at reduced speeds to ensure your parking lot security. Use speed limit signs and install speed bumps and other accessories to prevent vehicles from gaining speed.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in making your parking lot a safer place for everyone who visits your facility. If you want to hire security personnel or guards to ensure your parking lot security, all you have to do is contact Potential Security and they will have everything well-handled for you.