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5 skills personal security guards must have

The increase in crime has increasingly raised concerns about security in the country’s big cities. Thus, condominiums, companies, and citizens, in general, have sought to improve their security systems more and more. Within this context, human resources play a fundamental role in a quality security system: it is essential to have competent and well-trained professionals, including both the concierge and the surveillance team.

With years of experience in recruiting and training personnel, we have identified 5 common characteristics in the profile of good security professional. This information is important both for assisting in the recruitment and selection process, as well as for training and supervision.

Good Personal Presentation

The concept of ‘Personal appearance’ involves everything from physical appearance and personal hygiene, to the individual’s professional posture. Security positions, due to the type of service provided, require a conservative and sober personal appearance and, therefore, any trace of extravagance or informality should be avoided. Professionals with a good personal appearance convey an image of professionalism, attention, and preparation, increasing the sense of security in the places where they work.

In addition to that, they should be cordial and sympathetic. Many security professionals confuse complying with procedures with rudeness and brutality. Warmth and friendliness are important characteristics for a security professional, as they are not only positive for the image of the organization they represent but also ensure that security rules are complied with without generating unnecessary friction, which only wastes energy. One must learn to say ‘no’ in a determined, convincing, and polite way to enforce a regulation that is being disobeyed. But one must also always be considerate of those who request information, trying to help with whatever is needed. When carrying out an order, always be very careful not to show arrogance, authoritarianism, or any kind of brutality.

Discipline and Responsibility

Responsibility and discipline are understood as the ability to constantly comply with established routines and procedures. In the security field, this point is especially critical, due to the long hours that professionals are usually subjected to and the lack of action most of the time. It is not easy to maintain an attentive posture during a 12-hour workday, without deviating from established functions. Therefore, not everyone has a suitable profile for security positions. And that’s why it’s very important to investigate your experience and job performance to make sure you have the right fit!

Good Communication

Good verbal and written communication is an indispensable tool for a good security guard. Knowing how to express yourself correctly, in a polite, formal way, without slang and mistakes in the language, conveys reliability, authority, and credibility to the security team, facilitating compliance with procedures. It is important to always express yourself objectively and slowly, with an appropriate tone of voice – not too loud, not too quiet – always ensuring that the interlocutor understands the message being conveyed.

However, often contrary to what is imagined, within the communication process, as important as transmitting information is knowing how to receive it, whether written or verbal. A good security professional must know how to listen and be able to read carefully. It is important to always look and pay attention to who is speaking, not just out of respect, but to make the person feel heard. It is also important to be aware of good communication practices via radio and telephone. Radio communication is a very common activity for the security professional and he/she must be duly qualified for the correct use of the available equipment, not only from the point of view of technology but also knowledge of the commonly used communication codes. Unfortunately, it is still quite common to misuse radios and telephones for games and non-safety matters. This kind of attitude is incompatible with a security team that strives for quality and efficiency.

Attention & Good Visual Memory

The security professional must always be aware of all situations that may indicate risks to the location. Lights on that should be off, doors and windows open that should be closed, strange noises, movement of strange people, cars that successively pass in front of the street. Nothing should escape good security professionals. For this, a good visual memory is essential. Being able to save faces, license plates, models, and vehicle colours greatly helps to improve the performance of the security system. It can be said, without exaggeration, that attention and good visual memory are essential for the preventive action of security.

Secrecy & Discretion

Professionals working in the security area must maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding information, comments, documents, assets, specifications, or innovations that they may eventually have access to in the exercise of their functions. The disclosure of such information harms the security system and, especially, the reliability of the professional who is disclosing it. Under no circumstances should comments be made about the organization you work for, or about the assets of clients, outside working hours. You must never provide information about the company or condominium if approached in person or by telephone. Always politely respond that you are ‘not authorized to provide any information. When hiring, be wary of overly expansive candidates who talk too much. A good security guard usually speaks little and is very discreet.

This is a list of just some of the major qualities a personal security guard should possess. If you are hiring a guard, make sure he is someone trustworthy and checks off all these characteristics. However, if you think this is too much hassle and work for you to do, you can simply hire a security service provider to find the right guard for you. You can contact Potential security for all kinds of security services. They provide all kinds of safety services from guard services to event services to mobile services.  You name it and they have it! All you need to do is put your trust in them and secure yourself from all threats and dangers that may come your way.